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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sooo Today

Today was just one thing after another.  I was all high strung on emotions and my hormones from the very start of the day were crazyyyyyyyyy. So when I FINALLY got the baby and I dressed to go out to eat at Whole Foods I was so not wanting to be judged by the employee making my burrito. Here's how the conversation went
James and I walk up to the burrito station
Woman employee: wow...How old are you?image
Me: Me?
Employee: Yeah
Me: Old enough
Employee: You just look like reallly really young.
Me: Yes I get that a lot...I figure it will all pay off once i'm about 40.  Okay in my head I was literally doing this 

But I didn't say that and kept my cool. I ate my burrito. and then went in my car and cried.....
  I told you I was a having a terrible time with my hormones!

So we dealt with some other drama during the day and the James and I collapsed image We had an awsome nap. We got some stuff done....the day was ending
So we turned Christmas music on an danced
and now he is faaaast asleep.
I know tomorrow will be awsome because if it's not i'mma cry...again

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moms that Rock part 1

My mother Lisa Clark. We have come sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far. I love her to death. She constantly makes me proud as she challenges herself to live life to the fullest everyday. I'll never forget the snuggles we shared, the hot chocolate we drank, the giggles that are constantly had, and the bond that we share. She encourages and inspires not only me but thousands of people.  My Mother Rocks!
Karen Champion- Mother- in Law. She welcomed me with open arms when I had no where else to turn. She inspires me daily. Four amazing children were brought into this world by being my Husband Travis. She made him the most loving, caring, respectful man in the world and I am so grateful for this. Any question I have about James she will answer with wisdom and love. My Mother in Law Rocks!

Jillian and Ethan Brown. First.....look at that little guys face. Second. We met at the park down the street and found we have a ridiculous amount in common. Our babies are so close in age....6 days actually. We are both from New Mexico and frankly we are kind of the same person personality wise. I see the love she has for her son and husband and it's amazing! There is an age difference between us but not once has she looked down on me as a mommy or treated me differently because of it. We share our mommy stories and gab like i've never gabbed before. She inspires me not only as a mom, but also as a friend. 

Leigh Anne O'Toole.....Sister in law. Alright alright. I know she is not a mommy yet, but I know that when she is a mother she will be wonderful! And just look at these two....their children will be beautiful!

More mothers to come! Probably tomorrow! Okay bye!

Dear Readers

Organization has always been this terrifying thing to me.I'd say it's my worst enemy....Think The Doctor and The Dalek's....Harry Potter and Voldemort.  Why? Well I feel it stems from a long time ago. Lazy 13 year old Sierra sat on Myspace (helllllo flashback) and socialized almost twenty four seven...She rarely did homework. She rarely studied. Sierra needed some serious help. And her parents did try and reach out. "no going out till you clean the bomb that went off in your room". That got her to clean up a little and she did feel better when things weren't so hectic, but she never really learned how to get everything in her life in order. Sierra has always been a stuff everything anywhere you can manage to fit it kind of girl. This haunted her all through high school up until a week ago. Yes...a week ago. My poor husband has tried to  encourage me to get clean, neat and orderly probably since we first moved in together. My mother in law who can't breathe when the dishes aren't done has tried also. The first time should have been enough for me to whip myself into shape. And i'm having a hard time coming up with reasons why it's taken me so long. I know part of it is post partum depression, but I mean it's been 13 months since i've had a baby. I don't even know if that qualify's anymore. Point being, these are some things i'm trying out to help me not be a total wreck.

1. To Do Lists. Have you ever noticed how satisfying it is to cross something off a list? No? Well try it. It's fantastic. Almost like the satisfaction my husband gets from popping every bone in his body...maybe even more. I literally have a book that i've been filling with to do lists. Everything I can think of goes on the lists. Shower, Getting up before the baby, taking James to the park, Laundry which includes washing, folding, and putting away. Literally anything you can think of should go on the list. It's very strange how crossing one thing off the list can give you enough of a lift to help you tackle the chores you need to get done.

2. Goals. Set goals. but like actual ones you know you can do. Make them fun!. I'm making homemade ornaments and Christmas Cards. I've started a blog! Put those in the same notebook on the back of the page of your to do list. When your lists have been crossed off you can reward yourself by tackling the goals list.

3. Whistle While you work. We are currently getting ready for a move so nothing gets me motivated to get things nice and neat like blasting fun music that appropriate for myself and James. James enjoys it. I enjoy it. The house is at ease while I put my butt to work.

4. I'm seriously going to buy a label machine. Once we have a  bit more money....or use masking tape and a sharpie in any color. Label while you organize. It not only helps you remember where you are putting things but it will help your husband who comes home and is like...." thankful you did all of where the heck are my favorite headphones".

5. Invest in some giant Tupperware. I know. I know. You promised yourself you would never do this. It's scary going into Target all by yourself to buy these sort of things. You can't see over the basket because they are stacked so high and you think anyone who passes by you is wondering if you are about to pull a Walter White from Breaking Bad and use the giant tupperware to dispose of the person you just murdered.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee bro Just calm down, take a deep breath, and remember you are using them for the clothes that are out of season. Maybe get a Tall calming Tea from Starbucks you crazy lady.

Anyway. I'm sure I have more tips to learn....Share some in the comments if you'd like. Remember...No one can make you change. You have to do it yourself. Slap yourself outta your funk!

Sierra "Lucy" Champion
    Have you ever felt like everyone is trying to figure out if your child is actually your child? No? Lucky you!
   I appreciate when people just keep that question to themselves. And I find it hilarious that anyone would think otherwise. James is literally a twin version of me. Besides the stout body and huge ears he gets from daddy.That's the Lithuanian, but everything else really is me! At the park today a five year old asked if I was his nanny. *head desk! *face palm *head desk  

By the way...

Who said my child was allowed to be a crazy toddler?!   When did this happen? James is 13 months and such a trouble maker. He put my cell phone in the fridge today. I was looking all over for it and finally Travis found it. Then he spilled his sippy cup ALL over my phone. So it's drying out. I tried so hard to keep it out of his reach but at this point i'm convinced he can move objects with his mind. A little bewitched nose twitch and BAM he has my phone.

I'm feeling incredibly lethargic which is probably coming across in my writing so I appologize. I shall post more interesting things later!

Ask me questions! Share a story and I'll post it! Are you a young mom? How has everything worked out for you so far?

Sierra "Lucy" read that last name is Champion. :)

Oh and if you are wondering why this blog is called the Lucy Ricardo Blog the answer is pretty obvious if we've met. I am her. She is me. I am still learning how to be a home maker and too often my life reflects the most magical sitcom in the world!