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Thursday, November 29, 2012

    Have you ever felt like everyone is trying to figure out if your child is actually your child? No? Lucky you!
   I appreciate when people just keep that question to themselves. And I find it hilarious that anyone would think otherwise. James is literally a twin version of me. Besides the stout body and huge ears he gets from daddy.That's the Lithuanian, but everything else really is me! At the park today a five year old asked if I was his nanny. *head desk! *face palm *head desk  

By the way...

Who said my child was allowed to be a crazy toddler?!   When did this happen? James is 13 months and such a trouble maker. He put my cell phone in the fridge today. I was looking all over for it and finally Travis found it. Then he spilled his sippy cup ALL over my phone. So it's drying out. I tried so hard to keep it out of his reach but at this point i'm convinced he can move objects with his mind. A little bewitched nose twitch and BAM he has my phone.

I'm feeling incredibly lethargic which is probably coming across in my writing so I appologize. I shall post more interesting things later!

Ask me questions! Share a story and I'll post it! Are you a young mom? How has everything worked out for you so far?

Sierra "Lucy" read that last name is Champion. :)

Oh and if you are wondering why this blog is called the Lucy Ricardo Blog the answer is pretty obvious if we've met. I am her. She is me. I am still learning how to be a home maker and too often my life reflects the most magical sitcom in the world!

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  1. Lol it did take me until reading this to figure out why you named it this