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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moms that Rock part 1

My mother Lisa Clark. We have come sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far. I love her to death. She constantly makes me proud as she challenges herself to live life to the fullest everyday. I'll never forget the snuggles we shared, the hot chocolate we drank, the giggles that are constantly had, and the bond that we share. She encourages and inspires not only me but thousands of people.  My Mother Rocks!
Karen Champion- Mother- in Law. She welcomed me with open arms when I had no where else to turn. She inspires me daily. Four amazing children were brought into this world by being my Husband Travis. She made him the most loving, caring, respectful man in the world and I am so grateful for this. Any question I have about James she will answer with wisdom and love. My Mother in Law Rocks!

Jillian and Ethan Brown. First.....look at that little guys face. Second. We met at the park down the street and found we have a ridiculous amount in common. Our babies are so close in age....6 days actually. We are both from New Mexico and frankly we are kind of the same person personality wise. I see the love she has for her son and husband and it's amazing! There is an age difference between us but not once has she looked down on me as a mommy or treated me differently because of it. We share our mommy stories and gab like i've never gabbed before. She inspires me not only as a mom, but also as a friend. 

Leigh Anne O'Toole.....Sister in law. Alright alright. I know she is not a mommy yet, but I know that when she is a mother she will be wonderful! And just look at these two....their children will be beautiful!

More mothers to come! Probably tomorrow! Okay bye!

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