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Monday, December 31, 2012


I've been a bit busy since my last blog post. I hope y'all can forgive me! UPDATE: Trav and I are busy packing and such. James is teething. He's started to grind his teeth which makes my ears bleed! I caught a little bit of a stomach bug which is awful by itself. I add in the toddler banging on the bathroom door screaming to get in while I'm sick face. Add that factor in and it's a million times worse. Luckily Trav was home when it was the worst.

It's New Years Eve and my hubby has to work tonight :( But it's all good! I plan on spending my night catching up on this blog, reading, convincing James to sleep in his crib (he's been ├╝ber attached this past month), and watching Doctor Who episodes once James passes out! Woot! If I'm lucky Trav will make it home in time for a midnight kiss.

Will post resolutions later!

Seriously anyone who actually reads this? I love you and wish you a very Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Yesterday was a little insane.

Traveling around the holidays is always crazy, but if you add a toddler and a full heavy diaper bag on top of all of that things get a little intense.

Once we got to the gate it was all good. I spent about two hours...(yeah I got there real early) chasing and playing with James. He met some awesome little boys and played with them for awhile. And then the boys had to get onto another plane. Well that went well as you can imagine... As I like to say "LET THE DRAMA COMMENCE". At this point I'm so hungry I'm like frantically eating his trail mix. (James loves raisins.) And this really nice family with s thick Northern New Mexican accent bought me dinner. I was almost in tears. They could tell I was getting hungry and tired. They figured I needed some energy to keep up with my little one. This was the FIRST act of kindness that ensued this whole trip.

Haven't gotten to eat my food yet, but it's in my bag smelling delicious. We finally get to start boarding and I'm carrying WAY too much plus a toddler who at this point is so tired he is throwing his head back in frustration. The father of the family that bought me dinner boarded the plane with me and helped me with my bags. He made sure I got to my seat okay continuing to amaze me with their generosity...oh he was also with his elderly mother who was in a wheel chair who could probably have used more help than I, but still helped me anyway.

James nurses a little and passes out. I inhale my dinner and as people were boarding they were all pretty much avoiding the sitting next to a baby. I don't blame them. A really nice old man sat next to me and said "You look like you could use some company". I'm thinking "Well shoot do I look that frazzled?" But he was very right. I enjoy meeting strangers on the's literally my favorite thing about flying. So we talked the whole way!

James woke up about five minutes before we landed. This old man helped me with my bag which I can't stress enough how heavy that thing can get! I was again almost in tears from all this kind people I was meeting.

Baggage Claim:

A mothers traveling alone's worst nightmare. Go figure our car seat and huge suitcase is one of the last to come out. James is kicking and screaming. I'm getting a lot of unapproving looks. Nothing I'm doing is calming him down. He wants to run to the conveyer belt. That's when I had my mommy melt down in a room full of strangers. Tears are flowing down my face as well as my child's.

Up comes a woman who very well could have left with her kids and husband. She grabs my bags tells me she's "been there". While another gentleman probably about twenty carries my carseat outside.

She hands me a tissue and reassures me she's had many public melt downs.

I wait for my mother in law with a screaming child in my hands (didn't take her long to find us haha) and then we laughed about all the crazy in the car.

I can't stop thinking about all those amazing people that helped a frazzled mama out. I can't fully express how grateful I am.
This was truely living out a Christ like example. When we were snuggled in our bed I thanked God for presenting me with such kindness. I'm officially in the Christmas Spirit!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! Don't forget to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

Yay evil snowmen!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My poor child. We are in Santa Fe NM and it's been beautiful but James is having sort of a rough time. He has some serious separation anxiety soooo anyone who has been through that or going through it now lend me some advice?

I'm trying to introduce a snuggle buddy also knows as a ''lovie''. But I still breast feed so I'm basically the lovie.

My lovie which I still have is a pretty raggedy blanket named Red. Can you guess what color he is? And yes I have always used male pronouns with my baby blanket...not really sure why. I remember I was thinking so very hard about what to name this vibrant blanket...I woke up my parents in the middle of the night after weeks of deciding to tell them ''his name is Red''. I'm sure my parents were thinking they had a real smart girl on their hands. Captain obvious has been one of my nicknames for a reason.
My blanket is always cold no matter what, which I have always liked. It was my Linus blankie and I took that thing EVERYWHERE!

Sometimes if my husband is away for a night I bring it out of its box and admire the cool feeling, the rips, the tear stains that couldn't be thwarted by the washing machine, and the feeling of comfort I get just looking at it. I didn't have to run into my parents room on spooky nights because I had my Red. and that right there is why I'm for a lovie. Its nice to know your buddy will help you out when you are in need.


You are never too old to hold onto your's a wonderful childhood keepsake.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear Readers

I'd like to take today's post a little more seriously.
I am so very blessed to have a happy healthy baby boy and my heart aches so very much for the families who lost their children (Including the teachers...they were some one's baby too). I can't imagine the grief they must feel and I pray they find healing and peace. Also send your prayers to the children and staff who had to listen to shots being fired and walk past some gruesome scenes. They will have some trauma when they should just be focusing on being a child.
You shouldn't have to bury your child!

Life is full of tragedies but it's important to take time out of each day to count your blessings. And pray for the criminals that have some serious mental problems. Pray that they get help before they decide to shoot up a place.

Hug your children extra tight!!!

Sierra Emilie Champion

If you feel like you want to help them somehow, I suggest sending the Elementary school a card for all the children and staff. Letting them know we are with them may help the children who witnessed this horrible act.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moms That Rock

New Segment!!!

Mom of the Week! I'm going to shine the spotlight on a mommy every week! Woot!

I figure I know so many mama's and hey each deserve  a spotlight.

First mama!

Sarah  Bolleter-Gonzales: And of course adorable Sophia Rose Gonzales!

This woman is amazing! We were lucky enough to be pregnnt at the same time. Sophia was born in September and we always joke that James and Sophia will be boyfriend and girlfriend when they are older!
I love how she has always been so passionate when it comes to her family. thehehe they are so cute.

Here is a hilarious photo of Sophia in the flour....yay toddlers!James is seeing his bestie super soon! Cannot wait!

Sarah works so hard as a mommy and wife. We can talk with each other about all the crazy, and wonderful times that comes with our jobs.

GO SARAH! proud to call her a friend! 
We also like girly music and jam it in the car with babies in the back!image


Birthday and some other updates

Hey ya'll!
              Been super busy but hey...I have a toddler. I  missed the blogging these past couple days. Seriously people this keeps me sane! Anywho!

Birthday! Travis was awesome and took me to see a wonderful production of A Christmas Carol! It didn't suck at all and the Dallas theater was AMAZING. Nice and cozy. Reminded me of James A Little for all you Santa Feans. Then we went to The Cosmic Cafe. An amazing little restaurant all vegetarian but sooooo yummy! And they had a delicious carrot cake.

He got me an amazing North Face jacket that is super warm but also very stylish.
This man is so good to me!

Santa Feans!! I will be in town the 15th. While i'd like to keep this visit family centered I'd love to see friends! Call me and let's plan something. Remember...I have a toddler on my hip!  

James is teething.... it's awful. I imagine it must feel like thisimage image > this is Cosmic Cafe...orignally Cosmic Cup....sooo cute!

Friday, December 7, 2012

New Hair!!!   Thank you mama in law!
You know when you find the perfect hairstylist....this lady GETS me! And she's beautiful. Yay Aveda!!
James is having such a rough time with his teeth lately. Poor little guy! Teething is literally the worst thing in the world.
He still tries to keep his spirits up. He has started saying "was dat?", which is entertaining and adorable. Also he tries to put socks and shoes on his feet by himself. Yay!
I have no clue what we are doing for my birthday but my husband just instructed me that I need a very nice outfit. So I'm hoping I have something in my closet but if not then I get to indulge in a little shoppin!
Goals: Finish Christmas cards get out by tuesday the latest (Sorry ya'll we've been bus!). Finish the 8-to page paper for my husband by Monday so he can correct all my mistakes on Tuesday and then turn it in on Wednesdy. haha :)
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ow. owowow image This is me today. Really messed up my knee somehow...

Don't you love how you never realize how important a body part is and how much you use it until something is wrong with it. I can barely bend down to pick up James. Thank goodness for ice and warming balm.

Today was good other than all of that. Oh....HAPPY NATIONAL COOKIE DAY! Photo: OMG COOKIES!
<3<3 The Doctor  


Monday, December 3, 2012

My Husband

 Look at my stud muffin.

 Travis James Champion is a passionate, beautiful person. This man works late and is in school full time. He manages to keep his spirits up when times are tough. He knows that if we are true to ourselves, nothing can get in our way.

 He's sensitive but strong. Encouraging but also very very romantic. He constantly helps me be the best person I can be.Not to mention all the fun and goofy times we have!  This man should be an inspiration to all fathers.
 I'm so grateful he sacrifices so much for me to stay at home with our son. The way these boys play together now forshadows the strong friendship they will have.
Travis is my very best friend and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful life partner, friend, and father to our son
This man deserves an award! image

He bought me flowers and chocolate to kick off my birthday week. What a guy!

Moons,Junes and Ferris Wheels

 So I didn't sleep last night because this was in my head ALL freaking night. I wanted to cry. Plus Travis and James snore so loud! But the little sleep I did manage was fantastic. I had a dream J K Rowling was doing a book signing for Casual Vacancy (which I haven't read yet) at Barnes and Knobles. She signed my diaper bag. Have to admit i'm super bummed that didn't actually happen. :/

Do you have Netflix? Watch the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! James was dancing to the music the whole time and maybe my hormones are still all wack but it made me cry. Only when they zoomed in on the children's faces in awe. Wish I could kick that high...ahh once upon a time.

James is doing fantastic today...napping currently. We ask him where his ears and toes are and he points to them! He is getting really good at climbing up and down the play structures at the park. I'm hoping to have Christmas cards finished and made by Tuesday or Wednesday so friends and family who asked for one expect it soon! Yay!

Here is a completely better song.

ahh Joni you make this Mama feel all the feels.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December baby

Gooooooood morning DECEMBER! So happy for this month. Why you may ask?
2. Christmas station pandora...(which i'll admit i've been listening to since last week
3. Holidays in general.
4. Starting new traditions with my husband....we are going to build ginger bread houses!
5. I seriously can't wait to show everyone what i'm doing for Travis this year. Be patient. It's seriously fun and cute.
6. Hot Chocolate
7. Colder weather...seriously Dallas. Why are you so warm today?!
8. Did I mention my birthday?
9. James will probably get some realllllly adorable warm clothes
10. I'll be in Santa Fe with my family starting December 15th.
11.My mom is putting up her tree for James which is just fantastic
12. My mothers mashed potatoes, gravy, and comfort food. I might cry when I take my first bite into those taters.
13. James will see SNOW! Hopefully we will play in it as much as possible.
14. Ringo our dog is coming on the trip and he loves snow. like a lot. So i know he is excited to go on a snow hike with his daddy!
15. Christmas cookies
16. Decorating Christmas cookies
17. Eating Christmas cookies.
18. Tree House Cafe and Pastry Shop. AKA my home away from home.
19. I get to see Maria my mentor who owns Tree House. This woman is amazing.
20. James gets to have playdates with New Mexico babies!
21. Jess Clark brother time. It's long overdue.
22. I get to see my daddy!
23. The New Mexico Christmas CD i've listened to since I was born. It's fantastic because it's all 80's out. And my dad is playing on it.
24. Christmas sing along with Grandpa Mark, James, Travis and I.
25. Elf, Christmas Vacation, Christmas Carol, Christmas Story, Rudolph, Frosty, Elf again,image Love Actually, Charlie Brown Christmas like eight or nine times and It's A Wonderful Life.
snow animated 111ww.gif photo
I AM SO TAKING THIS MONTH ONE DAY AT A TIME. I get so sad when it's all said and done.
I hope your first day of December is magical
falling snow thSnow.gif photo