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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Birthday and some other updates

Hey ya'll!
              Been super busy but hey...I have a toddler. I  missed the blogging these past couple days. Seriously people this keeps me sane! Anywho!

Birthday! Travis was awesome and took me to see a wonderful production of A Christmas Carol! It didn't suck at all and the Dallas theater was AMAZING. Nice and cozy. Reminded me of James A Little for all you Santa Feans. Then we went to The Cosmic Cafe. An amazing little restaurant all vegetarian but sooooo yummy! And they had a delicious carrot cake.

He got me an amazing North Face jacket that is super warm but also very stylish.
This man is so good to me!

Santa Feans!! I will be in town the 15th. While i'd like to keep this visit family centered I'd love to see friends! Call me and let's plan something. Remember...I have a toddler on my hip!  

James is teething.... it's awful. I imagine it must feel like thisimage image > this is Cosmic Cafe...orignally Cosmic Cup....sooo cute!

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