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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Yesterday was a little insane.

Traveling around the holidays is always crazy, but if you add a toddler and a full heavy diaper bag on top of all of that things get a little intense.

Once we got to the gate it was all good. I spent about two hours...(yeah I got there real early) chasing and playing with James. He met some awesome little boys and played with them for awhile. And then the boys had to get onto another plane. Well that went well as you can imagine... As I like to say "LET THE DRAMA COMMENCE". At this point I'm so hungry I'm like frantically eating his trail mix. (James loves raisins.) And this really nice family with s thick Northern New Mexican accent bought me dinner. I was almost in tears. They could tell I was getting hungry and tired. They figured I needed some energy to keep up with my little one. This was the FIRST act of kindness that ensued this whole trip.

Haven't gotten to eat my food yet, but it's in my bag smelling delicious. We finally get to start boarding and I'm carrying WAY too much plus a toddler who at this point is so tired he is throwing his head back in frustration. The father of the family that bought me dinner boarded the plane with me and helped me with my bags. He made sure I got to my seat okay continuing to amaze me with their generosity...oh he was also with his elderly mother who was in a wheel chair who could probably have used more help than I, but still helped me anyway.

James nurses a little and passes out. I inhale my dinner and as people were boarding they were all pretty much avoiding the sitting next to a baby. I don't blame them. A really nice old man sat next to me and said "You look like you could use some company". I'm thinking "Well shoot do I look that frazzled?" But he was very right. I enjoy meeting strangers on the's literally my favorite thing about flying. So we talked the whole way!

James woke up about five minutes before we landed. This old man helped me with my bag which I can't stress enough how heavy that thing can get! I was again almost in tears from all this kind people I was meeting.

Baggage Claim:

A mothers traveling alone's worst nightmare. Go figure our car seat and huge suitcase is one of the last to come out. James is kicking and screaming. I'm getting a lot of unapproving looks. Nothing I'm doing is calming him down. He wants to run to the conveyer belt. That's when I had my mommy melt down in a room full of strangers. Tears are flowing down my face as well as my child's.

Up comes a woman who very well could have left with her kids and husband. She grabs my bags tells me she's "been there". While another gentleman probably about twenty carries my carseat outside.

She hands me a tissue and reassures me she's had many public melt downs.

I wait for my mother in law with a screaming child in my hands (didn't take her long to find us haha) and then we laughed about all the crazy in the car.

I can't stop thinking about all those amazing people that helped a frazzled mama out. I can't fully express how grateful I am.
This was truely living out a Christ like example. When we were snuggled in our bed I thanked God for presenting me with such kindness. I'm officially in the Christmas Spirit!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! Don't forget to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

Yay evil snowmen!

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