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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear Readers

I'd like to take today's post a little more seriously.
I am so very blessed to have a happy healthy baby boy and my heart aches so very much for the families who lost their children (Including the teachers...they were some one's baby too). I can't imagine the grief they must feel and I pray they find healing and peace. Also send your prayers to the children and staff who had to listen to shots being fired and walk past some gruesome scenes. They will have some trauma when they should just be focusing on being a child.
You shouldn't have to bury your child!

Life is full of tragedies but it's important to take time out of each day to count your blessings. And pray for the criminals that have some serious mental problems. Pray that they get help before they decide to shoot up a place.

Hug your children extra tight!!!

Sierra Emilie Champion

If you feel like you want to help them somehow, I suggest sending the Elementary school a card for all the children and staff. Letting them know we are with them may help the children who witnessed this horrible act.

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