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Saturday, December 1, 2012

December baby

Gooooooood morning DECEMBER! So happy for this month. Why you may ask?
2. Christmas station pandora...(which i'll admit i've been listening to since last week
3. Holidays in general.
4. Starting new traditions with my husband....we are going to build ginger bread houses!
5. I seriously can't wait to show everyone what i'm doing for Travis this year. Be patient. It's seriously fun and cute.
6. Hot Chocolate
7. Colder weather...seriously Dallas. Why are you so warm today?!
8. Did I mention my birthday?
9. James will probably get some realllllly adorable warm clothes
10. I'll be in Santa Fe with my family starting December 15th.
11.My mom is putting up her tree for James which is just fantastic
12. My mothers mashed potatoes, gravy, and comfort food. I might cry when I take my first bite into those taters.
13. James will see SNOW! Hopefully we will play in it as much as possible.
14. Ringo our dog is coming on the trip and he loves snow. like a lot. So i know he is excited to go on a snow hike with his daddy!
15. Christmas cookies
16. Decorating Christmas cookies
17. Eating Christmas cookies.
18. Tree House Cafe and Pastry Shop. AKA my home away from home.
19. I get to see Maria my mentor who owns Tree House. This woman is amazing.
20. James gets to have playdates with New Mexico babies!
21. Jess Clark brother time. It's long overdue.
22. I get to see my daddy!
23. The New Mexico Christmas CD i've listened to since I was born. It's fantastic because it's all 80's out. And my dad is playing on it.
24. Christmas sing along with Grandpa Mark, James, Travis and I.
25. Elf, Christmas Vacation, Christmas Carol, Christmas Story, Rudolph, Frosty, Elf again,image Love Actually, Charlie Brown Christmas like eight or nine times and It's A Wonderful Life.
snow animated 111ww.gif photo
I AM SO TAKING THIS MONTH ONE DAY AT A TIME. I get so sad when it's all said and done.
I hope your first day of December is magical
falling snow thSnow.gif photo

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