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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moms That Rock

New Segment!!!

Mom of the Week! I'm going to shine the spotlight on a mommy every week! Woot!

I figure I know so many mama's and hey each deserve  a spotlight.

First mama!

Sarah  Bolleter-Gonzales: And of course adorable Sophia Rose Gonzales!

This woman is amazing! We were lucky enough to be pregnnt at the same time. Sophia was born in September and we always joke that James and Sophia will be boyfriend and girlfriend when they are older!
I love how she has always been so passionate when it comes to her family. thehehe they are so cute.

Here is a hilarious photo of Sophia in the flour....yay toddlers!James is seeing his bestie super soon! Cannot wait!

Sarah works so hard as a mommy and wife. We can talk with each other about all the crazy, and wonderful times that comes with our jobs.

GO SARAH! proud to call her a friend! 
We also like girly music and jam it in the car with babies in the back!image


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  1. I wish I knew more mommies that I don't feel awkward being around.