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Monday, December 3, 2012

Moons,Junes and Ferris Wheels

 So I didn't sleep last night because this was in my head ALL freaking night. I wanted to cry. Plus Travis and James snore so loud! But the little sleep I did manage was fantastic. I had a dream J K Rowling was doing a book signing for Casual Vacancy (which I haven't read yet) at Barnes and Knobles. She signed my diaper bag. Have to admit i'm super bummed that didn't actually happen. :/

Do you have Netflix? Watch the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! James was dancing to the music the whole time and maybe my hormones are still all wack but it made me cry. Only when they zoomed in on the children's faces in awe. Wish I could kick that high...ahh once upon a time.

James is doing fantastic today...napping currently. We ask him where his ears and toes are and he points to them! He is getting really good at climbing up and down the play structures at the park. I'm hoping to have Christmas cards finished and made by Tuesday or Wednesday so friends and family who asked for one expect it soon! Yay!

Here is a completely better song.

ahh Joni you make this Mama feel all the feels.

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