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Friday, December 7, 2012

New Hair!!!   Thank you mama in law!
You know when you find the perfect hairstylist....this lady GETS me! And she's beautiful. Yay Aveda!!
James is having such a rough time with his teeth lately. Poor little guy! Teething is literally the worst thing in the world.
He still tries to keep his spirits up. He has started saying "was dat?", which is entertaining and adorable. Also he tries to put socks and shoes on his feet by himself. Yay!
I have no clue what we are doing for my birthday but my husband just instructed me that I need a very nice outfit. So I'm hoping I have something in my closet but if not then I get to indulge in a little shoppin!
Goals: Finish Christmas cards get out by tuesday the latest (Sorry ya'll we've been bus!). Finish the 8-to page paper for my husband by Monday so he can correct all my mistakes on Tuesday and then turn it in on Wednesdy. haha :)
Have a great weekend!!

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