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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My poor child. We are in Santa Fe NM and it's been beautiful but James is having sort of a rough time. He has some serious separation anxiety soooo anyone who has been through that or going through it now lend me some advice?

I'm trying to introduce a snuggle buddy also knows as a ''lovie''. But I still breast feed so I'm basically the lovie.

My lovie which I still have is a pretty raggedy blanket named Red. Can you guess what color he is? And yes I have always used male pronouns with my baby blanket...not really sure why. I remember I was thinking so very hard about what to name this vibrant blanket...I woke up my parents in the middle of the night after weeks of deciding to tell them ''his name is Red''. I'm sure my parents were thinking they had a real smart girl on their hands. Captain obvious has been one of my nicknames for a reason.
My blanket is always cold no matter what, which I have always liked. It was my Linus blankie and I took that thing EVERYWHERE!

Sometimes if my husband is away for a night I bring it out of its box and admire the cool feeling, the rips, the tear stains that couldn't be thwarted by the washing machine, and the feeling of comfort I get just looking at it. I didn't have to run into my parents room on spooky nights because I had my Red. and that right there is why I'm for a lovie. Its nice to know your buddy will help you out when you are in need.


You are never too old to hold onto your's a wonderful childhood keepsake.

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