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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dancing ish In September

Disclaimer. Some parts of this posts may be considered TMI, but I need to vent so I don't really care. You've been warned. :)

Ah September. We meet again. I remember being so anxious in 2011 and being really, pregnant. Good times.

So far the start of this month has been crazy.

 About two days ago I decided it was time to wean my 22 month old off of the boob. I went cold turkey which they say you aren't supposed to do but I decided it would be easier on him. Especially with the method I used. I rubbed lemon juice all over my breasts and when James wanted to nurse he tasted sour milk. I just explained to him that he was too old and that my milk must have gone bad.

He was absolutely fine. No fuss. No tears. Nothing. What a freaking miracle.

I was relieved but also disappointed. I was dreading this because of how demanding he was with nursing. It was his comfort blanket. I feel nipped out of a good tantrum. Yes, I made a pun. :)

So he's been fine and whenever he wanted to nurse he remembered it "went bad" and distracted himself. Awesome.

But they say not to go cold turkey for a reason.


Cold cabbage leaves in my bra, ice packs, occasional expressing of milk (you don't want to let out too much or you keep making milk) and lots of bitter sage tea. It's been three days. Y U NO DRY YET?!

Getting impatient and did I mention OW!

Let's not forget the random outbursts of the weepies. Darn you hormones. Do I regret nursing? No. really glad I did that. Do I regret going cold turkey. yes and no. but mainly no because James had his first dentist appointment today. He has some teeth problems as a result of night nursing....Do I regret night nursing. Um yes. absolutely. Don't do it. Or wipe off their baby teeth after each session at night. I know, who the heck has time for that at three in the morning? but just please do it. You can avoid 3,000 dollars worth of dental work.

I have a feeling I'm not making much sense but I'm blaming it on the fact that I am DRAINED emotionally and physically right now. I can't wait for the light at the end of the tunnel!

My husband and I are having a whole weekend to ourselves so I guess that's the end of the tunnel. And I plan on eating and drinking all sorts of things I refrained from for the past 2 and a half years.

3. Maybe an adult beverage on our date. And before ya'll freak out, Texas has a law that if you are married to someone over the age of 21 you can drink if they are with HA!
4. CAFFINE IN GENERAL LIKE SWEET TEA. oh how I've missed you.
5. Lots of gluten and cheese and dairy and yum.


I suppose I'll check in when things start to feel better and my boobs don't feel like rocks. 

If you are freaked out by my post about breasts chill the heck out and dance. Link provided. Enjoy...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Open Letter (ish) to Carly Rae Jepsen

Alright. This is probably about to get heated. I've seen these ads awhile back and have been a bit busy to write my feeling about them. So here it goes!

The Candies Foundation teamed up with pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen to create some eye catching PSA's about teen pregnancy. Carly Rae is the "Call Me Maybe" singer. I know, the song is now stuck in your head. I'm sorry...i'm so so sorry.

Hey Carly I have an idea. Why don't you pick up the phone and call Justin Bieber's mom and tell her she didn't change the world. She was a teen mom and had a pop star. A pop star who in fact PUT YOU ON THE MAP. Just saying. Because taking care of our children and learning an important human lesson of responsibility isn't changing the world right? Because the teen mom's who wipe butts, clean, cook, go to high school, go to college, and work more than you have in your entire life aren't changing the world.
Let me tell you something my dear. With every genius in history comes a mother. Sometimes they are young. Sometimes they are in their thirties, the way society wants it. And sometimes they are in their forties. EVERY mother is changing the world. But I guess you can't understand what this means considering you aren't a mother.
And let me get a little bitter here. Please enlighten me on how YOU are changing the world. And fake, photo op "charity work" doesn't count. Doing PSA's like this doesn't count. "Creating" cookie cutter pop music is hardly changing the world for the good.
I want you to think about all your teen mom fans out there that you have humiliated and put down. What about all the pregnant teens who adore you? Don't you "love your little jepsies!" (I just gagged a little in my mouth) We are told we aren't worthy to be parents enough on a day to day basis. And while we shouldn't let words get us down, some days it's hard not to.
We are MOM's. PERIOD. End of story. But more importantly, we are people. We are humans. We deserve respect. We deserve to be embraced. And no I'm not saying to get pregnant as a teen. And if that's what you got out of this rant you fail. no offense. :)
Don't coward behind this PSA. I dare you to actually talk to a teen mom, face to face, and tell her she hasn't changed the world.

An actual Young mom.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Birth story

Life is super busy sometimes and I apologize! Today I thought I'd write about my birth experience. I hope you don't mind and I promise it won't be too graphic. :) I've been thinking about that day for awhile now because my sweet baby is turning two in October. Every day that we get closer I just can't even believe it! Been through so much these past three years. All blessings even the tough times. 

So here we go! 

 My due date was technically October 15th. As any mommy knows, you have the calendar marked and even though you aren't supposed to be fixed on that date, it's difficult not to be. Such excitement, fear, anxiety, and frustration all wrapped up in one when you see that date come and go. You calmly talk to your baby. You say things like, "okay little boy. You CAN come out now. No one is holding you back." you are so full of emotion that you eventually just assume you are going to be pregnant forever so you eat a pint of ice cream and cry. (really guilty of this) meanwhile family and friends are trying anything to distract you so you aren't driving yourself crazy. This sounds so lame but I bought a box of crayons and a coloring book to keep myself busy. Well it worked. Just some sort of mindless activity to take your mind off "when the heck am I going to have you!". 

The 15th was a Saturday. The 21st was a Friday and I had an ultrasound appointment to make sure he was doing alright. I woke up, showered, ate a small bowl of oatmeal and juice, and went with my hubby to the doctors. I think my mother In law came too. I was feeling nervous. During the ultra sound James flashed us an L that he made with his fingers. All I thought was him thinking "haha losers. It's cozy in here and I'm not going anywhere!" the technician said "oh! That was a contraction!" I laid there watching James play and said something like, "really?! I thought that was just a kick!" obviously early early labor as it didn't hurt. The technician said the amniotic fluid was starting to leak and get low so the doctor was probably going to induce. And the. She said something like "yay! You'll be able to finally get this baby out of you". That didn't sit with me well.

You see I had my birth plan written out and I was determined to go all natural. No induction, no nothing. So when the technician said that I started panicking. It was a weird mixture of thoughts. Of course I wanted to meet my baby and get him out as safely as possible but on the other hand I was comfortable with my plan and felt uneasy about not knowing what to expect. The doctor checked me out and said something like "the altitude we live in (santa Fe new Mexico aka HIGH altitude) is making the amniotic fluid low which is dangerous so you need to be induced" I honestly started to cry. I was heart broken which may sound selfish to someone but gimme a break. My hormones were wack. And then her staff started acting weird. They were frantically running around making calls to get me a room in the hospital. It really freaked me out and made me feel like I was in serious danger. Luckily my mother in law and husband calmed everyone down as it was making me panic. We were told not to get our bags but we convinced the doctor to let us run home. Travis and I made calls on the way home, packed, kissed our puppies, made more calls and drove nervously to the hospital. He was so scared and so excited! After a trillion efforts of getting the darn hospital gown on I eventually just asked for help. I was really nervous and just couldn't think straight. We were stuck in the icu because as it turned out, EVERY woman decided to have their baby that day. How fun. More than anything, I HATED getting the IV in. Contractions started to become more noticeable and I hadn't gotten the pitocin yet. In fact, it was a couple hours before I got the pitocin. It must have been close to noon when we got to the hospital, maybe 11:30 I really don't remember. But I don't think I got the pitocin till about four hours after that. So it made me question if this was as serious as they were making it out to be. I was progressing in labor all on my own. Once they administered the pitocin I was still keeping up a sense of humor. 

Finally we were moved to a birthing suit and I was definitely feeling those contractions. My brother tried to crack a joke about the board with the pain o meter. You know, the one with the faces. It was funny before but I think I said something like "not effing funny anymore!" sorry about that! At this point the sun was going down and I was getting hungry and annoyed. I was still only 4 cm dilated but my doctor okayed a "liquid tray" to be sent to my room. I inhaled all the broth, jello, Popsicle and juice , but was still really hungry. Travis hadn't left my side until he went out for some air. Or maybe he went home to shower in between. I said he could go but after he left I desperately wanted him by my side. No offense to my mom and mother in law, but Travis helped me during contractions the most. Someone tried to bring a whole freaking pizza in and I just about lost it. "in the lobby! Get it out of here now!" At this point, I think a nurse turned my pitocin up waaaaaay too high because I was having contractions every minute or so but hardly any break in between. Someone eventually fixed it thank goodness. 

Still very frustrated that I was at four cm. Travis was being so sweet and encouraging. I had an iPod dock playing music and everyone said I was basically singing through contractions. The music really did help. What didn't help was looking up to find that everyone was just staring at me. It was making me edgy and angry that I made some comments like, "I feel like I'm in a fish bowl".a total of eight people I think were in the room, not to mention the nurses coming in and out. I couldn't express how much this was bothering me. I was having hard contractions. My fish bowl comment had been repeated in a faint voice. I kept thinking, "my birth plan! You all know I only want a few people!" of course they didn't know that but it's all good. 

 Doctor came in and suggested we break my water. Mind you, it's probably around seven or eight o clock. At this point I'm ready to be done so I agree. How silly of me to think that I was having hard contractions before. My labor was kicked into hyper gear. You get to a point in your labor where you stop giving a crap. You aren't embarrassed that you have to keep running to the bathroom. In fact, you just strip down naked because screw clothes! I know I was the loudest women that night. People already had their babies or got an epidural. I feel bad for the ladies next door having to listen to me yell profanity.  I was going from shivering to burning up every few minutes so I'd demand ice packs to warm blankets one after the other. It became a bit of a circus. I used the ice to numb my tailbone as James was moving down and wraped myself in a warm blanket. "ice, water, blanket. Ice, water, blanket!" so all those people ended up being very helpful. 
I was going to the bathroom every few minutes. My husband trying to catch up to me with the IV rack so It wouldn't come out. Back and fourth. And then I felt excruciating pain. I BEGGED for the juice. Give me the drugs! I thought I couldn't handle the pain. Turns out there was a LINE for the anesthesiologist. I also was transitioning which means the baby is coming down the birth canal. I was too late for the epidural. I jumped up to go to the bathroom dragging Travis behind me and then.....something felt different. 

"I HAVE TO PUSH!" I yelled dramatically. (hey...I'm a bit of a diva). They prepped me and I noticed something was missing....uhm the DOCTOR. The nurses informed me that she was in a c section and that they might have to deliver James. One nurse looked nervous. Juuuuuuuuuuuust dandy. They had  me practice pushing. I yelled each time and I remember finally the doctor ran in! She was excited, but totally calmed me down for a minute. She told me to hold in my yells and use that energy to push. All of the sudden I had a bust of energy (thanks God!). And when I was losing strength I reached down and touched his head! I was amazed how close we were to meeting. I almost cried but got my determination back. At 9:46 PM Oct. 21st 2011 my baby boy came out singing. Travis had to sit down for a minute and how sweet it was to see him finally stand up and cry as he kissed James and I. He was in so much awe. I was shaking a little which is totally normal. I just couldn't believe I was holding my baby boy! He was beautiful and perfect. His sweet cry. I couldn't stop looking at him. Everyone was trying to ask me things and talk to me but it. Was like Travis, James and I were inside a bubble. And after he was weighed and measured ( 6 pounds 6 ounces 18 1/2 inches)  he was back  in my arms. Rooting like crazy. Ready to nurse. I still just couldn't stop looking at him. He has my face! His daddy's ears. Once things were settled I remembered I was starving so I ate a ham sandwich. I never ate pork during my pregnancy but that was the best sandwich ever. My mom fed me while I held a sleeping James in my arms. I think my labor and delivery lasted about 10 hours but It was worth it. Not only was Travis holding my hand but God was with me as well, Strengthening  me when I needed it. and now I am grateful for all the people in the room because they got to witness one of the most miraculous event's ever! 

Sierra "Lucy" 

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Hard Day

Haven't been able to sleep these past couple of nights. Been wondering why. Why have I been bursting out in tears randomly? Why is it that every time James is peacefully asleep my heart becomes heavy when I watch him? Then I checked the date. 

Four years ago my hometown was given the biggest slap in the face. Five beautiful young people were hit by a drunk driver on old las Vegas highway. Only Avree the driver survived. I knew Julian, Kate, Alyssa and especially Rose. I've never dealt with loss well. I hid away in the Jemez mountains at a place I considered paradise because I wasn't sure I could handle seeing everyone. I now wish I had gone to the memorial in Catherdral park that night. 
Just about the whole town was there and then some. If that's not a testimate to how much these teens made an impact on lives I don't know what is. 

As you know, maybe you don't, we lost a beautiful little boy named Carter in our family recently. I'm still very much grieving his death. I've been meeting so many people recently who have shared their grief of losing a child. As a mother myself all of this has struck me in a whole new way. I get it now mommy. She came to pick me up from the mountains that day with my dad because she just needed to see my face. I really do get it now. As I type this I feel God is revieling a part of grief I have never experienced before. This feeling of a lump in my throat. This feeling of a weight on my heart so heavy you'd think cinder blocks were holding it down. These heaving tears that I've only heard from my mom when my grandpa Norman passed. All these feelings don't even add up to half of what these grieving families feel. 

It's hard for me to process why lives are taken from us here on Earth at such a young age. Seeing the grief families are experiencing makes me desperately want to take it away. But I'm at that point in my walk of faith where I know it's not my job to take this grief away or to be able to understand it. I can trust in the Lord and that gives me comfort. I pray any family finds this comfort. I see how all these children have made a difference and continue to make a difference as time goes on. This is beautiful. I am amazed at how they inspire and bring out the good in people. They continue to remind us that life on Earth is short and precious. My prayer is that we remember this everyday. Even when times get tough, we are blessed. 

I've had Rose visit my dreams twice and those dreams are so sacred to me. So vivid and genuine to her personality. The last dream was after I had James. She sat me down and said "well we have a lot to catch up on!" we talked about James and how I was adjusting to motherhood. I asked her how she was and she told me she was just fine and that I shouldn't ever worry about her. She was happy. She was more than happy. I woke up with a sense of peace I had never felt before. So grateful for her visiting my dreams. 

I was up the night before praying as I couldn't sleep when a name popped into my head. "Lily". I realized this was the name that belonged to a new acquaintance who lost her baby at full term in 2010. It was more of a reminder that I should be praying for the parents of these children. So I did. And do today. I ask all of my friends reading this to take a moment of silence today to remember these lives we have lost so early. But also a moment of prayer and silence for the families left behind. That they may find comfort on the tough days like today. 

If you are in Santa Fe go to warehouse tonight at 6 to be with the families and community. 

Always remember the closeness we feel during these tragedies. Always remember these children and the impact they have made on lives. 
Remember the great memories you've shared even if you can count them on your fingers. Do not hold onto anger as I believe these friends we have lost wouldn't want us to live that way. "Hated stirs up strife, But love covers all sins." Proverbs 10:12

These verses gives me comfort and I hope they help you as well

"Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted."  Matthew 5:4
"Naked I came from my mother's womb, And naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord" Job 1:21 

This next one gives me the chills. In a good way. 
"The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them, and the dessert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose." Isaiah 35:1 

And my favorite one. "The Lord is near to those who havea broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit." Psalm 34:18 

Just opened up my bible again and this is what it landed on. Prepare for more chills "I am the rose of Sharon and the Lilly of the the valleys." Song of Solomon 2:1. 

Love to all of you in Santa Fe and love to all parents who have lost a child. 


Friday, June 21, 2013

Uhm...give me a minute

Occasionally Travis and I share thoughts about what it was like when I told him I was pregnant. I, naturally was terrified. But I was and i'm still impressed to this day how he handled himself. Every person reacts differently of course and I guess a lot of it depends on the situation. We're you trying for a baby? We're you not? Well we weren't expecting James so imagine he was freaked. 

Travis has always been a wise old soul trapped in a young body and it's something that I've always admired. He went outside for minute to collect his thoughts and came back in and held me while I sobbed. I had always wondered about that minute. Because I know in that minute my mind was racing. I think this minute defines a part of our relationship. I over think things which comes in handy every once in awhile. And Travis, for the most part, keeps his thoughts collected. 

As I said before we like to talk about these crazy times we've been through. He said to me, "give me a minute, i'll be back" but what he really meant was "give me a minute while I prepare my thoughts for the rest of my life...and I'll be right back". He just knew that a baby and myself were going to be in the rest of his life. That might sound crazy and terrifying to someone reading this. Frankly, it is. But it also just shows his awesome character. 

I realize not everyone gets this. Some mommies are pulling double. Some daddies are pulling double. Some mommies and daddies wouldn't want to parent with another person. I love diverse familias. They are inspiring. 

Back to my point though. I hope that if a  new daddy or even a new mommy is out there reading this that they take a minute to prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. Because as all parents know, a minute of thoughts is the closest you will be to "prepared".  

This random blog post was brought to you by Friday.

You are welcome internets

P.s. I plan on enjoying the whole 24 hours without James tomorrow. Nah I'll probably cry in the car and text his nana a million times. But at least Travis and I can boogie down on the dance floor and celebrate our friend Katy and Josh at their wedding! Yes you read that right. I used "boogie". My mom is the mother funker on a radio show that plays funk. so I think I can use that word. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yup. You read that right. Prancercise is the new hip way to exercise. If you don't know what prancercising is check out this video.    Okie dokie. Now that we are caught up we can all stop crying now. I'm pretty sure this is an actual legit company. This video has it all which is why it's viral. I really hope they aren't sitting in their camel toe leggings thinking people are remotely interested in prancercising. Her voice is almost like kitty's from "That 70's Show" Which makes it even better. Now this video is from baby sideburns from the blog baby sideburns. She has a facebook page too. She is not everyone's cup of tea. She is pretty sarcastic and cusses. But when i'm having a difficult day she makes me laugh till I cry. This video is just magical. And she totally wrote about this exercise on her blog as well. I really don't think I'd be able to pull this off. I'm just not coordinated enough.

Oh wait... Just found this gem,,,,guys, John Mayer+Prancercise= too much awesome.

They should make a prancercise how to video stroller edition. YES!  Have a good Hump Day.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's been awhile

Hey Ya'll!

Life has been crazy these past couple weeks. I'm asking for all my friends and family reading this to know that I love you dearly! Life is short. We may have our differences. They make us Unique. They are sometimes hard to understand. But I hope we all remember that we are all on this planet together and that our lives are short.

Balloon release from Carter's funeral
I'd like to ask for prayers for our Cousin's Billy and Emily Roberts. They have lost a child a couple weeks back to a very high risk heart surgery. Little Carter was a beautiful little boy with a big smile and red hair. The funeral was beautiful and as a tribute to Carter a lot of the family wore converse and bright green. This loss was tragic but I know that little Carter is healed. Please pray for his parents and my husband's family.

I'd also like to pay tribute my mother who has overcome so many obstacles these past couple of years. It's been a roller coaster but I am so proud of her. She loves me unconditionally and has passed that love onto my Husband and little boy. She finds beauty in her life even in the darkest of times and she amazes me with her Grace everyday.

Travis and I are nerding out as usual. It's fantastic. Game of Thrones may be a bit adult but the story and fantasy behind it rock! Nerds UNITE!

To all the new followers and the old I will make this all more frequent. Ya'll are awesome. Hug your family a little tighter everyday.
 All the converse for Carter lined up

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moms that Rock! Albany Rose

Haven't done this in awhile! I'm really trying to meet and get to know all different types of mommies. This wonderful mother inspires me because she genuinely follows her heart and is incredibly passionate. Her children Eden and RJ are sooo cute!
 Look at these adorable pictures!

And she's a gorgeous mommy!

 I hope anyone reading this enjoys her story with an open mind! :)  The work she does involves a controversial topic which is abortion. I hope sharing a bit of her personal story will help women going thru the same thing and if anything at least put one face to an isssue. Everyone who has experienced an abortion has a different testimony and this is just hers! So, disclosure over!

Q: Tell me a bit about your familia?

A: I met Royce when I was 18 and he was 17 at a bar I used to work at. It was a tough first year when we were together because his family is devout Catholic and I am not religious.8 months into our relationship I became pregnant with our first child, Eden. We grew up fast and bought out own house (when we had her we both turned 20) and have made life better than either of us thought possible. 4 months after our daughter we decided we wanted another child close to her age so she would have a playmate. A month ago we gave birth to our son, RJ. We're a very close nit family. God based, old fashion American family.

Close nit is right. She posted an adorable video of her fiance dancing with her daughter. So sweet!

Q:What is your favorite part about being a mother?

A:My favorite part of being a mother is realizing how much parents do for their kids. I never understood until we had our own. I also love the labor part of being a mother. I absolutely love giving birth.

Uhm yeah I love this answer. Labor is a crazy crazy thing! But that and giving birth is what made me finally feel connected to my womanhood. I know a bit cheesy...but seriously I felt so darn powerful after giving birth to James. And it was an amazing to realize all over the world women are giving birth in different ways. Gives me chills just thinking about it :)

Q: What do you struggle with as a mother?

A:My greatest struggle as a mother is realizing how much mothers judge each other. People don't like our parenting techniques and as the mother, I great a great amount of flack for how I raise the kids.

Can I get an amen? But have GOT to stop this. It's annoying. Anyone watch Moms night out on Nick@Night? They do these hilarious shorts called othermothered.   I'm going to link one.  Also check out sancitmommy on facebook. She makes me's satire making fun of moms who do exactly's SATIRE!/pages/Sanctimommy/523533471000365?fref=ts

Q: What are your passions?

A: My passions in life outside of being a mother is woking heavily in the Pro-Life movement. I devote my life to it. I also train horses which has always been a dear hobby of mine. I also teach dance in my free time, as I've always loved the freedom of it. Photography is also a close one, since I enjoy the thought of capturing the perfect in life.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your website?

A: My website is called or on facebook, I retrieved my own abortion records after all the years of dealing with anger and depression, I found great healing in seeing my son for the first time. I decided with the help of a friend to reach out to women who are in the same place I was and help them get their own records back. It is also a safe place to share personal testimonies as well as read other women's who have suffered the pain of abortion.

If you are interested in reclaiming your records I'm pretty sure states have different laws about how long they keep the records and some have them electronically recorded but you will have to contact Albany and the location that you had the abortion to get more information. Albany also has a youtube channel where she dicusses her activism work and has made a video sharing her testimony about the records she recovered. From the videos i've watched I think you will find she does not fit what most people would stero type as pro life activist.

Q: If you could teach your children one lesson what would that be?

A: If I could teach my children one thing, it would be to never, ever give up. To not ever let a person tell them they cannot accomplish their dreams because of imperfect circumstances.

I love this question. So many different answers :)

Q:What is your favorite thing to do during mommy down time?
A: During mommy down time, I love to work on my book of my life testimony, as well as make jewelry and design clothing.

Such a sweet mom. If you are a mom or know a mom who should be featured let me know! All mommies deserve the spotlight!

Love Lucy!
 gif my gifs lucille ball i love lucy Lucy Ricardo Photoset: Lucy Ricardo Quotes I do feel a part 2 coming up because omg so many good quotes

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Hump Day

No...not what you think. It's Wednesday which means we are half way till the end of the week. Today I am appreciating all that we have because as we all know (unless you live under a rock)disaster and tragedy  happens everyday and families lose possessions but more unfortunate is when they lose family. It breaks my heart to hear of any parent losing a child. So I always make sure to hug James a little tighter. I even endure his slobbery kisses because as much as I want to wash my face after, I really need to savor these moments. Being a mom in general is a lot of work, but I'm trying to loosen up and have more fun with James and enjoy our precious moments. One day I will have the house spotless....I promise!

James has been saying lots of sentences including "where it go?!" I have no clue what he is referring to but whatevs. Oh! and he is either saying "hold me" or "help me". not sure which one it is but he says it in a very very pitiful voice so of course I obey. Nah not all the time. We are trying to say no a little more to him because as he is our first, he has us wrapped around his finger. James is a mastermind what can I say. (insert evil laugh here)

Thinking of starting a vlog! What do ya'll think. It's okay if you have no idea what that means (ehem....DAD) It's a video blog! It would still be writing in this blog but making videos might actually be more of a frequent thing to go along with this. Send me topics, questions, pretty much anything you can think of you'd like to hear me ramble can also witness my terrible editing skills and it will be a grand ol time! You can comment below or comment on this when I post it on the book of face. Love all of you!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Thoughtful Friday!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week! We are so close to Sunday which is marvelous!

Now. Last night in the tub with James I sat and came up with a list of new things I've learned this week. This was all in between singing rubber ducky and every other sesame street song we know (James is getting very good t staying on pitch). So here we go!

1. If you haven't seen the viral video of the kid in class telling his teacher off please watch it. I've learned that he is so right! Often in school we were handed packets and given lots of busy work that made me not only frustrated but feel completely ignored by the teacher. Which is funny because I went to a school where over all the teachers really did teach! But there were of course those handle full of teachers who were guilty of this. And I admit I had a very hard time staying focused and would often just not turn homework in. But in the video he says something like "if you want your students to be excited about learning you need to be excited about teaching!" and he's right! I'm thinking about becoming a teacher and I hope I remember this very insightful speech he gave.

2. Okay that one was all have never known sacrifice until you have let your child vomit ALL over you at the dinner table. This happened last night. Spoilers!

Travis ate the rest of my dinner after I lost my appetite.

3. I hear sesame street playing in the other room while we are in the bath and I'm thinking "computer just randomly started playing it even though I paused Netflix awhile ago????" but actually it was Travis. Tehe! Yup. Caught him watching sesame street all by himself. What a NERD! Just one of those daily reminders that we are dorky parents.

4. James puts words in categories. For example, apple is used for every fruit...purple is for every color....shoe is pretty much for every price of clothing. He is learning more words everyday but if he can't remember what a word is he just sticks it into a category. Hey, whatever works! I believe in you James! Eventually I'm sure you will figure it all out!

5. When I need him to seriously calm down all I have to do is give him some paper and some crayons. MAGIC

6. Goes with number 5. I am now keeping pen and paper on me at ALL times.

7. This's never to early to bake a chocolate cake! Or eat the left over batter. No judgement! Plus I didn't use eggs so HA

8. Some people might see eating cake so early as weak or pathetic. I see it as WINNING. And I'm having a salad for again HA!

9. Twitter still confuses me.

10. I really didn't learn anything all that

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moms day, Elmo tude, and spreading the good news

So I've narrowed down what my perfect mothers day would be. Travis will be done with school so that's exciting. This translates to, he can take the baby while I sleep in and then take a shower....alone! I'd love a smoothie for breakfast. I'm craving it these days. No not a kale a banana,strawberry and chocolate smoothie. :) maybe we can go do something fun. I don't care what that is. (see I'm not too controlling) play with James at the park. And after dinner I would love dessert. That's about it really. We will be spending the day with my mama In law so if she wants to do something specific I'm happy to do it. :) I'm not trying to be a diva but......................

I get this day ONCE a year.

Anyway James is a crazy one and it's kinda icky outside. Currently he is babbling to his giant Elmo and giving him a stern talk by the sound of his voice. Has anyone noticed how Elmo is kind of a diva? Well he is! That furry monster has got some tude! I catch myself wanting to stick him in timeout.

In other news, I've totally hit a ten on the crazy meter. Yesterday I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and it was the Jehovah witnesses. I looked at Ringo and literally said out loud "failure Ringo." they looked confused but I know he got it. Helllllllo dog, these are the people you need to be barking at! Anywho, they seized their chance to talk. When I informed them that I indeed own a bible, they talked to see where we had common ground. I enjoyed our conversation. I'm not converting don't worry. I love my birthday. Can't help it! But it was nice to have some good healthy debating. And frankly, just people to talk to. I'm making friends ish at the park and our church. And when she said if she could com back I nodded.....oops. She probably thinks she has got me in the bag. That expression doesn't really look right typed out. Oh well! I've decided to read her pamphlet to a. Not be rude because I apparently said I would. And b. I am curious to find out about the things I don't agree with that is written in the pamphlet. That way when she comes back I can say "I looked it over. I just don't think this religion is for me" also I said if she knew any young moms send them my way for my mommy group I'm starting up!

There is always the option to hide in the back room and make them think we aren't home but one on one interaction is just too hard to resist. See?.....I told you I was a ten on the crazy scale.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The little things

I was feeling a bit blue today. Not really sure why. Just happens on occasion. Maybe because I didn't get to play with James a whole lot. Anywho I helped my husband with his paper last week so I got a new treat. He bought me flowers and chocolate which was awesome, but I still had a big treat in store for me. So tonight he came home with a new vacuum. I know what you are thinking, but I was so excited! It was no Dyson...he will be mine, oh yes. But it was a bissell. I've wanted a new vacuum since he bought the tiny cheap one and brought it home. That thing SUCKS. And our living room is pretty spacious. Ringo's hair somehow still gets everywhere and that tiny vacuum picked p nothing. So when he walked in with that gorgeous hunk of plastic I wanted to cry. Tears of joy of course but still. I almost set it up al by myself. (so close :/ ) and then I turned that sucker (pun definitely intended) on. I was intrigued/ disgusted by how much dirt and grime this thing picked up off our carpet. I cleaned it out THREE times. It has an awesome washable filter so when I was done I totally washed everything out like its sacred. My poor son has been playing on these nasty floors for two months, but no more! Say goodbye to dirty socks! Say goodbye to dirt under his toes! No dust bunnies here! I feel boss. I feel liberated. I feel a little crazy. All you free non domesticated people wouldn't understand this magical feeling. Maybe I should have a glass of wine now......

#swagmom signing out!

Did I really just use swag?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I fail

I know...i know. No excuses.

Now let me catch you all up on life.
James is speaking sentences. My mind is blown. We went to visit my familia back in Santa Fe last week and my guess is all the extra stimulation fired his brain up times ten. He's speaking at least 15 to 20 words and short little sentences like...."wats dis?" "dis is a ball" "dis is a hippo" Uhm...yeah what the heck kid! "where is Elmo?" "do yasee?!" he names lots of body parts and is now recognizing and naming them on daddy and I, stuffed animals, giant stuffed Elmo, and Ringo the doggy :) its a trip. He still dances and sings up a storm and is continuing to sign a few words here and there.
We had a great time in Santa Fe. A nice little trip and he loves his "gramma" and "bubu". My dad is bubu if you didn't guess. Also uncle Jess is now Elmo so that's fun. My Aunt Lydia made James a sesame street robe which he'd wear everywhere if I let him. Elmo, Oscar, Grover, and Cookie Monster are all there. It's pretty cute.

Some exciting news! I've had this idea to start up a young mothers support group for awhile. Going to call our pastor tomorrow to talk more about using the church as our meeting place. Hoping to make it a little bit of a bible study and a safe place young moms can meet and make friends. The church has a nursery so I figured we'd all just hang out in the while our kiddos play. I've seen so many young moms here in this little town and I just feel like its important for us to meet and share our experience in a positive setting. So pray for me in this endeavor. Really hoping it works out.

The Internet can be ridiculous as well as the mainstream media. With everything going on in Boston and around the world, make sure you focus on the positive and good going on in this world. I don't think it's healthy to be bombarded with bad, tragic news on a loop 24/7 hours a day. Pray for peace!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Toddler moments

You know when you realize your baby is not such a baby anymore? Yeah....sobbing in corner. But it's all good. A brand new adventure is in store. Ahhh toddlers. Basically parrots, so you really have to beef up the camp talk. As in keeping it PG! Don't want them repeating things they shouldn't...

Here are some of my recent toddler moments.

James is the hulk. Seriously, this kid is a beast. He can lift anything and will attempt to lift everything. Why? For the pleasure of moving things he shouldn't be moving all over the house. Example one....MY GUITAR being DRAGGED around the yeah sorry to be the bad guy but NO. Example two...trying to drag my super heavy mixer out of a cabinet. Not only could it seriously injure him if he succeeds, but I'd be super bummed if that kitchen aid broke. Not that I'm putting a kitchen aid over my get my point.

Taking his diaper off and running around the house butt naked....

Sing song "no's" to my face

Feeding the "windo" as in Ringo the dog from the high chair...


Hiding stuffed animals, then crying for them later....oye.
Trying to put objects and food up nose...

Coloring walls

Turning dog bowl filled with water upside down on your head.

Opening fridge. Taking sugar out of fridge and shaking it out on top of your head

Singing ABCs on pitch.

Signing the only signs you know for everything.

Calling everything including me Elmo.....
Open mouthed kisses WITH tongue on my face :)

Ah kid. You are fantastic. happy Friday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Travis and I have been looking for a church to attend for awhile now. Not that we NEED church to believe in God but we enjoy going to church. We've been looking for the whole package. A congregation that is accepting. A pastor that is an open, loving individual, who's sermons are wise and truly straight from the word of God. A great place for James to make friends and socialize, and a place for us adults to make friends! Today, I am happy to say we have found that place. Or at least, I think we have. I hope we have. God most certainly gave us signs today that this is where we should be. Travis picked a church called Cornerstone Baptist because of the address. 3710. Our new house address has 37 in it as well. 37 has always been there for Travis. It basically guides him. We feel like that is Gods work. It's not just a coincidence because this happens to him ALL the time. We get there late but the sermon was amazing and James went right to the lady running the nursery/child care. Little did we know....this was NOT cornerstone baptist. This was Community Vision Church that had just moved into the building that Cornerstone used. Crazy right? So we already feel good. The pastor leads an awesome service. During the sermon I notice a bee sitting next to me in the pew. I get a little nervous and scoot closer to Travis butt saw it kind of quiver. I thought maybe it had just died but when I looked back during the song, the bee was still moving. So Then I thought, well maybe it's wings we're damaged. Travis and bees get along. They are great pals. So the bee just sort of sat there. It was like he was listening to the sermon as well. The preacher asked us to write down some verses to go over this of them being psalm 37. Travis and I looked at each other with smiles. At the end of the service, a boy who was maybe 11 stood up asking for anyone to help him with a study book he wants to write proving God is real thru science. Well we know of a book and have watched him speak on YouTube. The author of " the language of God" is one of the leading scientists on the human genome project....hope I spelled that right. This author Francis is a believer. Noo not a belieber. He accepts Jesus Christ as his savior. I suggested to this boy that he look into his book. Already I felt apart of this congregation. Meanwhile, Travis took the bee outside and it just flew away. I'm positive it was just another sign. I Felt God in the room. I praised God when my super attached 16 month old was just sitting in the woman's lap being loved by the little boys,completely content. I praised God when we talked to the woman and realized this was a different church. I praised God when we drove away feeling satisfied spiritually. And I praised God when we saw a red tail hawk, another Travis reoccurrence, fly by. Thank you God. We hear you! Can't wait till next Sunday.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday what A day.

No matter how many times I hear "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" I always think of David Tennant and the fact that this is his favorite song. How adorable. :)

Basically i'm an awesome wife and did Travi's homework while he drove to Huston for a funeral. It was all due at midnight and I finished with three hours to spare. WINNING

So I did that while he was gone. And cleaned. And watched AVPSY...If you dont know what that is you FAIL. But it's okay. Just go to youtube and type in AVM....after you've completed that you can move on to AVPS and then finally AVPSY. It was just a reading of the script but it was beautiful, hilarious, and mad me cry at the end. #FANGIRLPROBLEMS

Oh! The other day I totally went to the store in my slippers by accident. So i tore off the fuzzy balls on the ends and just kinda hoped no one noticed. And then Dell ( a really nice employee) pushed my cart to the car for me. I felt really special until I realized they offer that to anyone. Whatevs.

This post is random. My thoughts are random. Sooooo yeah

James is doing well! Loving his "Elmo" and playing hard during the days. Which is fantastic because then he is more than willing to go to sleep. He was NEVER like that before, so i'm digging the change. I'm really trying to encourage the learning of new words, but so far everything has just been called Elmo when he gets frustrated. Even me.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Drop Vanilla Butter cookies

Hmmm cookies. You know those days when you need something sweet and you'd like to bake it? This recipe is fast, easy, delicious, fantastic, and did I mention delicious? They are also addicting so beware!

1 cup butter...I melt it. :)
1 cup sugar!!!
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
And about 1/4 tsp baking powder...I totally eye balled (teehee) that amount with my fingers

Pre heat oven 360 degrees
Melt butter
Cream butter and sugar
Add egg whisk really good
Add vanilla....get that all in there

Measure out your dry...I just put the salt and bp in my measured out flour

Dump it in the bowl
Mix it!
Taste the cookie dough....

Spoon out dough, make balls (teehee)

Eat more raw cookie dough.
Chase a toddler

Remember you are making cookies
Finish putting dough on pan

And bake!
About 10 minutes maybe more!

These a nice chewy cookies so you may think they aren't done...but they probably are.
Stick fork in cookie...if it comes out clean take those suckers outta there.

Don't forget about them and start playing with your Toddler...(mine are on the fence of burning..oops)

Let me cool for about a minute
Eat and be merry


I've blogged three times today...Go Me!


I made jokes about balls...apparently I do that now?

Jeanne's Avon!! Open this post!

I'm so down to advertise for a friend/ fellow mommy. My friend Jeanne has just started selling Avon (which I'm in love with) so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase pretty please check out her stuff.

Here is the facebook page!/pages/Jeannes-Avon/438245049587489

Here is the actual Avon site

She is already holding a contest which is super exciting. Here is the prize! The contest is just in time for Mothers day! From now until 3/13 EVERY costumer will be entered to win this great prize! Valued at 64 $. Score!! It doesn't matter how much you order as long as you do! Have fun shopping!She has some really cute things!

Moms That Rock- Ashley!

This girl and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. I remember hearing that she had a baby this past year so I had to track her down. This is Ashley Martinez. Above is her 2 1/2 year old Gabriel named after his daddy Gabrial. I love that.

Question time!!!
Q: How old were you when you had your son?
A: 17
Q: Do you feel some judgement when you tell people you have a two year old?
A: Absolutely. Especially when they do the math in their heads. People can't see the difference between teen parents and teenagers portrayed on television as sex and drug crazed weirdos. Hopefully that image changes but there will always be someone judging.

So all anyone can do is ignore them and focus on the positive

Q: What are some things you do to balance out school/work, and family?
With school it was hard since my classes were literally only offered once a day so I had to go by their schedule, but when I would get home, I would spend all my time with Gabriel and Gabe until it was time for Gabriel to go to bed. Then I read him a story and sang him a song. Then I stayed up late and did my homework and I explained to my teachers at the very beginning that I had a child and there were probably going to be days when he was sick. He always comes first.
Q: What are your dreams for yourself and your family?
A: Myself, I want to be a dentist. I got a late start so I won't be starting until this year but I'm very dedicated. Eventually I want to have our own land and a nice house, and of course I want more kids haha. I want Gabriel to be happy and successful in whatever he chooses to do and I want him to know I support him and he can come to me with anything. Same with any other children I have.
Q: How important is teaching some sort of faith to your child/ furute children?
A: Gabriel's story every night is from a preschool version of the Bible and then I let him tell me everything he is thankful for and say "thank you God" at the end. We also attend church most Sundays. If, in the future he chooses not to continue in the Christian faith then that is his choice, but I am trying to give him a faith to believe and trust in. I think having a good foundation is important even though it is difficult. I still struggle with my faith, but I see some of the beautiful and pure things Gabriel does and I know that that is God working in my son. I also believe that Gabriel is a gift to me from God, no matter how anyone else views him. Since God blessed me with Gabriel I find it only fitting that Gabriel learns about God.

Q: Last one. What do you like to do when it's just mommy time?
A: Lol I like playing video games XD like Halo and Zelda and Mario Kart. I also like reading.

We've got a gamer.:) The last video game I played was probably SKATE. I think that was in 2009 when I got my Xbox 360. All i'm saying is no one would want me on their Halo team...
This mom rocks!
This is something I really admire about her parenting. On facebook she posted a hilarious picture of her son covered in chocolate. He had eaten I think ten cupcakes that morning and very cleverly moved a chair so he could reach the cupcakes...Literally a classic toddler moment. Well some lady on facebook told her she should punish him by making him wear one of those know...the ones that are like "I punched my brother so now I have to wear this sign". This picture was her response. Here is the text if it's a little hard to read. "My mommy knows that I am a TODDLER and I need to figure things out. She knows I am NOT  trying to be bad. I am not a bad boy!"    Yeah she is fierce. And she is very right...she had never created a rule about not eating cupcakes for breakfast so little Gabriel thought it was all good. He created a plan and was determined to get those cup cakes. He even cleaned up the wrapers :) Made me proud to know this mama.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well now

Things that are super fun that I love to do

1. Washing our clothes, towels, name it in the bath tub. Yes the bath tub. All because our washer has given out. It's truly wonderful. Especially when my toddler thinks it is bath time and tries to climb into the tub a trillion times. And then screams bloody murder because he can't get into the tub.

2. carrying the ultra heavy, super soaked basket full of laundy to the dryer. realizing the towels are still super soapy, and throwing my hands up in a "screw it!" gesture. All the while said toddler is throwing a tantrum for me closing the dryer door. image

3. Playing with said toddler only to have everything you play with or do make him extremely frustrated and scream.

4.Trying to keep said toddler entertained and quiet while hubby takes a much needed nap.

5.Watching the toddler go into complete destructive meltdown mode because being quiet is for squares.

In the end. We finally settled down and went outside with some chalk....Sheesh!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brown Spanish rice

Today has been kind of strange. Last night marked one week of us living in Athens. Man did that week go by slow...or it felt like it. I guess when you aren't in the hustle and bustle of the city that changes. James must have some big molars coming in because he has been nursing like crazy. Yes I still nurse, but he does eat three meals a day and little snacks too. Actually my husband pointed out in his Bio text book that mothers milk helps the mind grow faster In babies first two years. While I'm not sure I'm going to nurse till he's two, science says its best. Just interesting seeing as how society is kinda freaked out by breast feeding...

Anywho! It was kind of a dull day. Except I did make brownies and they came out pretty good. I got a little distracted with James so I left them in a little too long. Instead of fudge they were cakey...#bakermomproblems.

He also fought his nap like I've never seen....he was exhausted!

Well tonight I'm working with what we got and making brown Spanish rice...sorta.

1 cup of rice
Red bell pepper
Sauté all that in 2 tbs of olive oil.

Wait till the veggies are tender
Maybe like 3 to 5 minutes

Add 2 cups water...or any sort of veggie/ meat stalk
But since I didn't have that handy I put in a bouillon cube...those things rock
Some tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.
Red chile powder if ya got it (which I don't) sad panda
Garlic powder, but the cube has some in it already so not too much

Let it come to a boil

Cover with lid and turn the heat down a little
Wait 45 minutes or until rice is done!

Serve as side or out it in some tacos...or roll it up in some tortillas! Yay!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Moms That Rock!

This weeks mama is......brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (that's a drum roll if you didn't know)

Arielei Kinzer!

Her daughter Eliana and James share a birthday! She's older and soooo adorable. Look at that baby! I guess they really aren't baby's anymore....*sniff* wee are both in the early toddler...woo!

I asked Arielei some questions and from those answers I have just the greatest respect for her as a person and mommy. You will get to see that for yourself here in a bit. She and her husband are one of those gorgeous couples and they obviously are doing a wonderful job as soul mates and parents.

Arielei is pregnant with baby number two! I can't tell you how excited I am for them! I can vicariously live thru all my pregnant friends right now and it's just spoil all the new babies.

Q: What is. Your favorite thing about being a mommy?
A:"I think my favorite thing about being a mom is just being someone's very best friend. Children trust their mothers completely. Even if I have to do hard things like give her some medicine or hold her down at the doctors. She still looks to me for all her comfort and for an explanation of everything when she doesn't understand something. That's a big honor and it makes me strive to be the best mommy I can be."

Uhm wow she is amazing.
Q: Nervous about baby número two?
A:"I am nervous about another baby. Mostly just nervous about the newborn stage. The first few months are hard and with Eliana she took absolutely all my time. So I'm nervous about this one because I have to split my time between two, but I don't want to sacrifice how much time I spend with either child. I'm not sure how it will all work out."

Girl, if anyone can do it you can! And you have a little girl! She will want to help with baby. Like bringing you diapers!

Q:What are you most excited about with número two?
A:"The thing I am most excited about is seeing them play once the baby gets older. I can't wait to have a 15 month old and a 3 year old running around and doing crafts and having fun adventures with them."

Last but not least!

Q: if there was only one moral you could teach your children, what would that be?
A:"If there was just one moral I could pass down it would be that there is a God who loves us and who gives our lives greater meaning. It's not all about us and our wants, but it's about how we can bring joy to other people through our lives."

Pretty much. She's amazing. And is going to do fantastic with both of these children.

Enjoy your pregnancy! And hopefully one day James can meet his birthday buddy and new baby

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I remember back in the day getting nerdy Harry Potter valentines day cards and trying to pick out the most romantic one to give to my crush in elementary school. Sadly, my crushes never returned the romantic cards, where the i in my name was dotted with a I got the "you rock" which basically means..."this was the last card and I almost forgot you...oh and we never talk so I don't really know what else to say" .

But Its all good. Now that I have James and Travis I will never be without a Valentine. These boys are the best. And I can't wait for next year when James and I can decorate cookies and make cute crafts for daddy. This year my V day present to Travis is attempting to get the rest of the house put together, a hot meal ready when he gets off, a really sweet photo album and my presence. Trav is in school so it won't be a very romantic night. As soon as he is done eating he has to start homework. Not to mention The rushing through our meals so we focus on helping the toddler eat. But hopefully we will have a date night soon...mother in law if you are reading this...nudge nudge. Oh and I am making granola bars home made...I rock.

Much love to you on this V Day.

Lucy :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm back

I have so much to catch you all up on. I have moved out to the country! Now...reread that before you assume I'm in France. My husband is working for a family friend on his ranch. I always call Trav my cowboy, but now he actually is closer to that title.

Here is a picture of Travis being a cowboy....And he's ALL mine!   That's our doggy Ringo who has to live outside now. He hates it. :( I think he s getting over it slowly.

We love it out here and it's only been day three. Gorgeous trees. Gorgeous clean air (what a concept) oh and water. I can drink from the sink and it tastes amazing. I don't have to worry about the poison from the city water.

Travis and I get to live on our own for the first time in our marriage. It's awesome. I will post pictures once I unpack everythink. It's a different process with my crazy Toddler. James loves it out here too! He has been picking up sticks playing in dirt, and exploring our yard.

The ranch is behind us and to the side. I looked out the back window in the baby's room and saw antelope just chillin.....Yeah I could get used to this. super bummes about Brandon Moore being cut from King of The Nerds...he's the nerdiest.And he's Travis's cousins, fiance's brother.

I shall write more later!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

So i'm working out right? ^Pretend that is me...and that I look that good working out.

The entire time i'm trying to be really serious about getting into shape! image
But all I keep thinking about is food. imageimage

I give up...image

Now where is that turkey bacon???