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Sunday, January 20, 2013

So i'm working out right? ^Pretend that is me...and that I look that good working out.

The entire time i'm trying to be really serious about getting into shape! image
But all I keep thinking about is food. imageimage

I give up...image

Now where is that turkey bacon???

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I owe my health to my husband and mother in law. When I moved in with my mother in law I was challenged to open up my mind as far as health goes. Karen eats primarily vegan. I know what you are thinking! ''You mean bird food'' ''I could never do that'' ''those damn hippies!''. Well she has done years and years of research. It is always wise to do some research! Ever been told ''don't knock it till ya try it.'' well you shouldn't!
When I was pregnant I ate meat here and there, but mainly ate raw fruits and veggies! It was annoying at times and frankly I had to discipline myself, but the rewards payed off. James got only the best nutrition. I never cheated on drinking or fish ( bad mercury bad!) and my prenatal vitamins had live enzymes! RAW prenatal was the brand I used in case you are lookin for one.

Sweets are my weakness, but I really made sure I ate all my fruits and veggies for the day. Remember everything you ingest goes to that baby! I saw it as just one of those important sacrifices you make as a mother...because believe me you make a lot. The important thing to remind yourself is what you are doing is important.

All hail the kale! That greenery has me in tears someday, but it sure makes me feel good after eating it. In fact anytime I eat something unhealthy I feel awful after. My whole system is pissed and until I eat some veggies my system will continue to be pissed.

One thing I suggest if you are not pregnant and just want to start eating right I juice fasting. Juice up a green monster full of green veggies and chug it down. Do this will all kinds of fruits and veggies..just don't mix them. Fruit breaks down faster than veggies so it just sits on top of everything else and ferments...yuck! Notice I said not pregnant...I really should add nursing. I juice ONCE a day for the nutrients but no more than that. Why? Because I don't want to detox...detoxing would mean all the toxins would get into my milk. I really don't want baby James to be drinking all that.

NO GMO'S...seriously should not be cool with people injecting poison into the food we eat.

Travis and I shop organic...while I realize that may be very difficult for some people I would just like to say that food is our medicine. By eating organically and healthy we stay away from the doctor. This goes for my son as well. Sure he has had little colds here and there...(can't keep him in a bubble after all). But this past year James has avoided the hospital. I pray it will be the same winning streak this year *knocks on wood frantically*.We also don't buy meat or animal product very often. We don't ever drink cows milk. (too much to go into with that...ask me if you'd like to know more) basically because we aren't buying that extra stuff we can usually get groceries with 80 dollars. That's pretty epic if you ask me. If you are a couponer they have tons of coupons for organic foods! All I'm saying is its worth looking into!

So tonight I am making lentil veggie soup with lots of garlic and onion. It's cold and people are getting the flu like crazy.

Eat healthy, drink water, and don't be afraid to leave the meat out every once and awhile.

- Sierra

Friday, January 4, 2013

Moms that rock!

I fail so much. But hey, life gets busy! Back to my Moms That Rock!

This week is Kara Dahl and baby Annika. I asked her what her favorite part about being mommy is. This is what she had to say!
''My favorite thing about being a mom is watching a tiny person waking up to the world and developing a stronger personality every day. Watching her learn and interact with the world. Being involved in teaching her all of the little things we take for granted. And the last little kiss on her chubby cheeks before she goes to sleep while I am whispering "sweet dreamie dreams".

She is one of the nicest people I've met! Kara is a working mama as well as a stay at home! Kara can do her work from home! Super convenient. Annika was fairly little when we met at Travis's aunts 4th party. I remember watching her parents lovingly rock her to sleep. They were so patient, which I really admire in a person. As a parent patience is so important! Kara's husband is so sweet. His name is Hugo. I appreciate that we all share the same fandoms. You can see the love they have...ten years married I believe! Which is fantastic! She's one of those mamas I can chat with on Facebook about all the silliness and difficulties. ONE DAY we will have a play has to happen! Until then, I get to enjoy the adorable pictures and videos of Annika. Did I mention Kara is freaking hilarious? Well she is. Her status's leave me in hysterics and often I really needed a laugh.

Love to Kara superstar mom! Love to Her adorable family!