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Friday, January 4, 2013

Moms that rock!

I fail so much. But hey, life gets busy! Back to my Moms That Rock!

This week is Kara Dahl and baby Annika. I asked her what her favorite part about being mommy is. This is what she had to say!
''My favorite thing about being a mom is watching a tiny person waking up to the world and developing a stronger personality every day. Watching her learn and interact with the world. Being involved in teaching her all of the little things we take for granted. And the last little kiss on her chubby cheeks before she goes to sleep while I am whispering "sweet dreamie dreams".

She is one of the nicest people I've met! Kara is a working mama as well as a stay at home! Kara can do her work from home! Super convenient. Annika was fairly little when we met at Travis's aunts 4th party. I remember watching her parents lovingly rock her to sleep. They were so patient, which I really admire in a person. As a parent patience is so important! Kara's husband is so sweet. His name is Hugo. I appreciate that we all share the same fandoms. You can see the love they have...ten years married I believe! Which is fantastic! She's one of those mamas I can chat with on Facebook about all the silliness and difficulties. ONE DAY we will have a play has to happen! Until then, I get to enjoy the adorable pictures and videos of Annika. Did I mention Kara is freaking hilarious? Well she is. Her status's leave me in hysterics and often I really needed a laugh.

Love to Kara superstar mom! Love to Her adorable family!

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