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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I remember back in the day getting nerdy Harry Potter valentines day cards and trying to pick out the most romantic one to give to my crush in elementary school. Sadly, my crushes never returned the romantic cards, where the i in my name was dotted with a I got the "you rock" which basically means..."this was the last card and I almost forgot you...oh and we never talk so I don't really know what else to say" .

But Its all good. Now that I have James and Travis I will never be without a Valentine. These boys are the best. And I can't wait for next year when James and I can decorate cookies and make cute crafts for daddy. This year my V day present to Travis is attempting to get the rest of the house put together, a hot meal ready when he gets off, a really sweet photo album and my presence. Trav is in school so it won't be a very romantic night. As soon as he is done eating he has to start homework. Not to mention The rushing through our meals so we focus on helping the toddler eat. But hopefully we will have a date night soon...mother in law if you are reading this...nudge nudge. Oh and I am making granola bars home made...I rock.

Much love to you on this V Day.

Lucy :)

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