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Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm back

I have so much to catch you all up on. I have moved out to the country! Now...reread that before you assume I'm in France. My husband is working for a family friend on his ranch. I always call Trav my cowboy, but now he actually is closer to that title.

Here is a picture of Travis being a cowboy....And he's ALL mine!   That's our doggy Ringo who has to live outside now. He hates it. :( I think he s getting over it slowly.

We love it out here and it's only been day three. Gorgeous trees. Gorgeous clean air (what a concept) oh and water. I can drink from the sink and it tastes amazing. I don't have to worry about the poison from the city water.

Travis and I get to live on our own for the first time in our marriage. It's awesome. I will post pictures once I unpack everythink. It's a different process with my crazy Toddler. James loves it out here too! He has been picking up sticks playing in dirt, and exploring our yard.

The ranch is behind us and to the side. I looked out the back window in the baby's room and saw antelope just chillin.....Yeah I could get used to this. super bummes about Brandon Moore being cut from King of The Nerds...he's the nerdiest.And he's Travis's cousins, fiance's brother.

I shall write more later!



  1. Please get a flock of chickens. Then you can eat endless amounts of eggs and blog about how silly chickens are. Please.

  2. Oh if only we could! My old boss had chickens and to feed them she'd say "here girls!" and they all would come running to the door! So cute!