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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well now

Things that are super fun that I love to do

1. Washing our clothes, towels, name it in the bath tub. Yes the bath tub. All because our washer has given out. It's truly wonderful. Especially when my toddler thinks it is bath time and tries to climb into the tub a trillion times. And then screams bloody murder because he can't get into the tub.

2. carrying the ultra heavy, super soaked basket full of laundy to the dryer. realizing the towels are still super soapy, and throwing my hands up in a "screw it!" gesture. All the while said toddler is throwing a tantrum for me closing the dryer door. image

3. Playing with said toddler only to have everything you play with or do make him extremely frustrated and scream.

4.Trying to keep said toddler entertained and quiet while hubby takes a much needed nap.

5.Watching the toddler go into complete destructive meltdown mode because being quiet is for squares.

In the end. We finally settled down and went outside with some chalk....Sheesh!

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