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Friday, March 22, 2013

Toddler moments

You know when you realize your baby is not such a baby anymore? Yeah....sobbing in corner. But it's all good. A brand new adventure is in store. Ahhh toddlers. Basically parrots, so you really have to beef up the camp talk. As in keeping it PG! Don't want them repeating things they shouldn't...

Here are some of my recent toddler moments.

James is the hulk. Seriously, this kid is a beast. He can lift anything and will attempt to lift everything. Why? For the pleasure of moving things he shouldn't be moving all over the house. Example one....MY GUITAR being DRAGGED around the yeah sorry to be the bad guy but NO. Example two...trying to drag my super heavy mixer out of a cabinet. Not only could it seriously injure him if he succeeds, but I'd be super bummed if that kitchen aid broke. Not that I'm putting a kitchen aid over my get my point.

Taking his diaper off and running around the house butt naked....

Sing song "no's" to my face

Feeding the "windo" as in Ringo the dog from the high chair...


Hiding stuffed animals, then crying for them later....oye.
Trying to put objects and food up nose...

Coloring walls

Turning dog bowl filled with water upside down on your head.

Opening fridge. Taking sugar out of fridge and shaking it out on top of your head

Singing ABCs on pitch.

Signing the only signs you know for everything.

Calling everything including me Elmo.....
Open mouthed kisses WITH tongue on my face :)

Ah kid. You are fantastic. happy Friday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Travis and I have been looking for a church to attend for awhile now. Not that we NEED church to believe in God but we enjoy going to church. We've been looking for the whole package. A congregation that is accepting. A pastor that is an open, loving individual, who's sermons are wise and truly straight from the word of God. A great place for James to make friends and socialize, and a place for us adults to make friends! Today, I am happy to say we have found that place. Or at least, I think we have. I hope we have. God most certainly gave us signs today that this is where we should be. Travis picked a church called Cornerstone Baptist because of the address. 3710. Our new house address has 37 in it as well. 37 has always been there for Travis. It basically guides him. We feel like that is Gods work. It's not just a coincidence because this happens to him ALL the time. We get there late but the sermon was amazing and James went right to the lady running the nursery/child care. Little did we know....this was NOT cornerstone baptist. This was Community Vision Church that had just moved into the building that Cornerstone used. Crazy right? So we already feel good. The pastor leads an awesome service. During the sermon I notice a bee sitting next to me in the pew. I get a little nervous and scoot closer to Travis butt saw it kind of quiver. I thought maybe it had just died but when I looked back during the song, the bee was still moving. So Then I thought, well maybe it's wings we're damaged. Travis and bees get along. They are great pals. So the bee just sort of sat there. It was like he was listening to the sermon as well. The preacher asked us to write down some verses to go over this of them being psalm 37. Travis and I looked at each other with smiles. At the end of the service, a boy who was maybe 11 stood up asking for anyone to help him with a study book he wants to write proving God is real thru science. Well we know of a book and have watched him speak on YouTube. The author of " the language of God" is one of the leading scientists on the human genome project....hope I spelled that right. This author Francis is a believer. Noo not a belieber. He accepts Jesus Christ as his savior. I suggested to this boy that he look into his book. Already I felt apart of this congregation. Meanwhile, Travis took the bee outside and it just flew away. I'm positive it was just another sign. I Felt God in the room. I praised God when my super attached 16 month old was just sitting in the woman's lap being loved by the little boys,completely content. I praised God when we talked to the woman and realized this was a different church. I praised God when we drove away feeling satisfied spiritually. And I praised God when we saw a red tail hawk, another Travis reoccurrence, fly by. Thank you God. We hear you! Can't wait till next Sunday.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday what A day.

No matter how many times I hear "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" I always think of David Tennant and the fact that this is his favorite song. How adorable. :)

Basically i'm an awesome wife and did Travi's homework while he drove to Huston for a funeral. It was all due at midnight and I finished with three hours to spare. WINNING

So I did that while he was gone. And cleaned. And watched AVPSY...If you dont know what that is you FAIL. But it's okay. Just go to youtube and type in AVM....after you've completed that you can move on to AVPS and then finally AVPSY. It was just a reading of the script but it was beautiful, hilarious, and mad me cry at the end. #FANGIRLPROBLEMS

Oh! The other day I totally went to the store in my slippers by accident. So i tore off the fuzzy balls on the ends and just kinda hoped no one noticed. And then Dell ( a really nice employee) pushed my cart to the car for me. I felt really special until I realized they offer that to anyone. Whatevs.

This post is random. My thoughts are random. Sooooo yeah

James is doing well! Loving his "Elmo" and playing hard during the days. Which is fantastic because then he is more than willing to go to sleep. He was NEVER like that before, so i'm digging the change. I'm really trying to encourage the learning of new words, but so far everything has just been called Elmo when he gets frustrated. Even me.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Drop Vanilla Butter cookies

Hmmm cookies. You know those days when you need something sweet and you'd like to bake it? This recipe is fast, easy, delicious, fantastic, and did I mention delicious? They are also addicting so beware!

1 cup butter...I melt it. :)
1 cup sugar!!!
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
And about 1/4 tsp baking powder...I totally eye balled (teehee) that amount with my fingers

Pre heat oven 360 degrees
Melt butter
Cream butter and sugar
Add egg whisk really good
Add vanilla....get that all in there

Measure out your dry...I just put the salt and bp in my measured out flour

Dump it in the bowl
Mix it!
Taste the cookie dough....

Spoon out dough, make balls (teehee)

Eat more raw cookie dough.
Chase a toddler

Remember you are making cookies
Finish putting dough on pan

And bake!
About 10 minutes maybe more!

These a nice chewy cookies so you may think they aren't done...but they probably are.
Stick fork in cookie...if it comes out clean take those suckers outta there.

Don't forget about them and start playing with your Toddler...(mine are on the fence of burning..oops)

Let me cool for about a minute
Eat and be merry


I've blogged three times today...Go Me!


I made jokes about balls...apparently I do that now?

Jeanne's Avon!! Open this post!

I'm so down to advertise for a friend/ fellow mommy. My friend Jeanne has just started selling Avon (which I'm in love with) so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase pretty please check out her stuff.

Here is the facebook page!/pages/Jeannes-Avon/438245049587489

Here is the actual Avon site

She is already holding a contest which is super exciting. Here is the prize! The contest is just in time for Mothers day! From now until 3/13 EVERY costumer will be entered to win this great prize! Valued at 64 $. Score!! It doesn't matter how much you order as long as you do! Have fun shopping!She has some really cute things!

Moms That Rock- Ashley!

This girl and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. I remember hearing that she had a baby this past year so I had to track her down. This is Ashley Martinez. Above is her 2 1/2 year old Gabriel named after his daddy Gabrial. I love that.

Question time!!!
Q: How old were you when you had your son?
A: 17
Q: Do you feel some judgement when you tell people you have a two year old?
A: Absolutely. Especially when they do the math in their heads. People can't see the difference between teen parents and teenagers portrayed on television as sex and drug crazed weirdos. Hopefully that image changes but there will always be someone judging.

So all anyone can do is ignore them and focus on the positive

Q: What are some things you do to balance out school/work, and family?
With school it was hard since my classes were literally only offered once a day so I had to go by their schedule, but when I would get home, I would spend all my time with Gabriel and Gabe until it was time for Gabriel to go to bed. Then I read him a story and sang him a song. Then I stayed up late and did my homework and I explained to my teachers at the very beginning that I had a child and there were probably going to be days when he was sick. He always comes first.
Q: What are your dreams for yourself and your family?
A: Myself, I want to be a dentist. I got a late start so I won't be starting until this year but I'm very dedicated. Eventually I want to have our own land and a nice house, and of course I want more kids haha. I want Gabriel to be happy and successful in whatever he chooses to do and I want him to know I support him and he can come to me with anything. Same with any other children I have.
Q: How important is teaching some sort of faith to your child/ furute children?
A: Gabriel's story every night is from a preschool version of the Bible and then I let him tell me everything he is thankful for and say "thank you God" at the end. We also attend church most Sundays. If, in the future he chooses not to continue in the Christian faith then that is his choice, but I am trying to give him a faith to believe and trust in. I think having a good foundation is important even though it is difficult. I still struggle with my faith, but I see some of the beautiful and pure things Gabriel does and I know that that is God working in my son. I also believe that Gabriel is a gift to me from God, no matter how anyone else views him. Since God blessed me with Gabriel I find it only fitting that Gabriel learns about God.

Q: Last one. What do you like to do when it's just mommy time?
A: Lol I like playing video games XD like Halo and Zelda and Mario Kart. I also like reading.

We've got a gamer.:) The last video game I played was probably SKATE. I think that was in 2009 when I got my Xbox 360. All i'm saying is no one would want me on their Halo team...
This mom rocks!
This is something I really admire about her parenting. On facebook she posted a hilarious picture of her son covered in chocolate. He had eaten I think ten cupcakes that morning and very cleverly moved a chair so he could reach the cupcakes...Literally a classic toddler moment. Well some lady on facebook told her she should punish him by making him wear one of those know...the ones that are like "I punched my brother so now I have to wear this sign". This picture was her response. Here is the text if it's a little hard to read. "My mommy knows that I am a TODDLER and I need to figure things out. She knows I am NOT  trying to be bad. I am not a bad boy!"    Yeah she is fierce. And she is very right...she had never created a rule about not eating cupcakes for breakfast so little Gabriel thought it was all good. He created a plan and was determined to get those cup cakes. He even cleaned up the wrapers :) Made me proud to know this mama.