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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday what A day.

No matter how many times I hear "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" I always think of David Tennant and the fact that this is his favorite song. How adorable. :)

Basically i'm an awesome wife and did Travi's homework while he drove to Huston for a funeral. It was all due at midnight and I finished with three hours to spare. WINNING

So I did that while he was gone. And cleaned. And watched AVPSY...If you dont know what that is you FAIL. But it's okay. Just go to youtube and type in AVM....after you've completed that you can move on to AVPS and then finally AVPSY. It was just a reading of the script but it was beautiful, hilarious, and mad me cry at the end. #FANGIRLPROBLEMS

Oh! The other day I totally went to the store in my slippers by accident. So i tore off the fuzzy balls on the ends and just kinda hoped no one noticed. And then Dell ( a really nice employee) pushed my cart to the car for me. I felt really special until I realized they offer that to anyone. Whatevs.

This post is random. My thoughts are random. Sooooo yeah

James is doing well! Loving his "Elmo" and playing hard during the days. Which is fantastic because then he is more than willing to go to sleep. He was NEVER like that before, so i'm digging the change. I'm really trying to encourage the learning of new words, but so far everything has just been called Elmo when he gets frustrated. Even me.


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