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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Travis and I have been looking for a church to attend for awhile now. Not that we NEED church to believe in God but we enjoy going to church. We've been looking for the whole package. A congregation that is accepting. A pastor that is an open, loving individual, who's sermons are wise and truly straight from the word of God. A great place for James to make friends and socialize, and a place for us adults to make friends! Today, I am happy to say we have found that place. Or at least, I think we have. I hope we have. God most certainly gave us signs today that this is where we should be. Travis picked a church called Cornerstone Baptist because of the address. 3710. Our new house address has 37 in it as well. 37 has always been there for Travis. It basically guides him. We feel like that is Gods work. It's not just a coincidence because this happens to him ALL the time. We get there late but the sermon was amazing and James went right to the lady running the nursery/child care. Little did we know....this was NOT cornerstone baptist. This was Community Vision Church that had just moved into the building that Cornerstone used. Crazy right? So we already feel good. The pastor leads an awesome service. During the sermon I notice a bee sitting next to me in the pew. I get a little nervous and scoot closer to Travis butt saw it kind of quiver. I thought maybe it had just died but when I looked back during the song, the bee was still moving. So Then I thought, well maybe it's wings we're damaged. Travis and bees get along. They are great pals. So the bee just sort of sat there. It was like he was listening to the sermon as well. The preacher asked us to write down some verses to go over this of them being psalm 37. Travis and I looked at each other with smiles. At the end of the service, a boy who was maybe 11 stood up asking for anyone to help him with a study book he wants to write proving God is real thru science. Well we know of a book and have watched him speak on YouTube. The author of " the language of God" is one of the leading scientists on the human genome project....hope I spelled that right. This author Francis is a believer. Noo not a belieber. He accepts Jesus Christ as his savior. I suggested to this boy that he look into his book. Already I felt apart of this congregation. Meanwhile, Travis took the bee outside and it just flew away. I'm positive it was just another sign. I Felt God in the room. I praised God when my super attached 16 month old was just sitting in the woman's lap being loved by the little boys,completely content. I praised God when we talked to the woman and realized this was a different church. I praised God when we drove away feeling satisfied spiritually. And I praised God when we saw a red tail hawk, another Travis reoccurrence, fly by. Thank you God. We hear you! Can't wait till next Sunday.

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