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Friday, March 22, 2013

Toddler moments

You know when you realize your baby is not such a baby anymore? Yeah....sobbing in corner. But it's all good. A brand new adventure is in store. Ahhh toddlers. Basically parrots, so you really have to beef up the camp talk. As in keeping it PG! Don't want them repeating things they shouldn't...

Here are some of my recent toddler moments.

James is the hulk. Seriously, this kid is a beast. He can lift anything and will attempt to lift everything. Why? For the pleasure of moving things he shouldn't be moving all over the house. Example one....MY GUITAR being DRAGGED around the yeah sorry to be the bad guy but NO. Example two...trying to drag my super heavy mixer out of a cabinet. Not only could it seriously injure him if he succeeds, but I'd be super bummed if that kitchen aid broke. Not that I'm putting a kitchen aid over my get my point.

Taking his diaper off and running around the house butt naked....

Sing song "no's" to my face

Feeding the "windo" as in Ringo the dog from the high chair...


Hiding stuffed animals, then crying for them later....oye.
Trying to put objects and food up nose...

Coloring walls

Turning dog bowl filled with water upside down on your head.

Opening fridge. Taking sugar out of fridge and shaking it out on top of your head

Singing ABCs on pitch.

Signing the only signs you know for everything.

Calling everything including me Elmo.....
Open mouthed kisses WITH tongue on my face :)

Ah kid. You are fantastic. happy Friday!

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