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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I fail

I know...i know. No excuses.

Now let me catch you all up on life.
James is speaking sentences. My mind is blown. We went to visit my familia back in Santa Fe last week and my guess is all the extra stimulation fired his brain up times ten. He's speaking at least 15 to 20 words and short little sentences like...."wats dis?" "dis is a ball" "dis is a hippo" Uhm...yeah what the heck kid! "where is Elmo?" "do yasee?!" he names lots of body parts and is now recognizing and naming them on daddy and I, stuffed animals, giant stuffed Elmo, and Ringo the doggy :) its a trip. He still dances and sings up a storm and is continuing to sign a few words here and there.
We had a great time in Santa Fe. A nice little trip and he loves his "gramma" and "bubu". My dad is bubu if you didn't guess. Also uncle Jess is now Elmo so that's fun. My Aunt Lydia made James a sesame street robe which he'd wear everywhere if I let him. Elmo, Oscar, Grover, and Cookie Monster are all there. It's pretty cute.

Some exciting news! I've had this idea to start up a young mothers support group for awhile. Going to call our pastor tomorrow to talk more about using the church as our meeting place. Hoping to make it a little bit of a bible study and a safe place young moms can meet and make friends. The church has a nursery so I figured we'd all just hang out in the while our kiddos play. I've seen so many young moms here in this little town and I just feel like its important for us to meet and share our experience in a positive setting. So pray for me in this endeavor. Really hoping it works out.

The Internet can be ridiculous as well as the mainstream media. With everything going on in Boston and around the world, make sure you focus on the positive and good going on in this world. I don't think it's healthy to be bombarded with bad, tragic news on a loop 24/7 hours a day. Pray for peace!


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