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Monday, April 22, 2013

The little things

I was feeling a bit blue today. Not really sure why. Just happens on occasion. Maybe because I didn't get to play with James a whole lot. Anywho I helped my husband with his paper last week so I got a new treat. He bought me flowers and chocolate which was awesome, but I still had a big treat in store for me. So tonight he came home with a new vacuum. I know what you are thinking, but I was so excited! It was no Dyson...he will be mine, oh yes. But it was a bissell. I've wanted a new vacuum since he bought the tiny cheap one and brought it home. That thing SUCKS. And our living room is pretty spacious. Ringo's hair somehow still gets everywhere and that tiny vacuum picked p nothing. So when he walked in with that gorgeous hunk of plastic I wanted to cry. Tears of joy of course but still. I almost set it up al by myself. (so close :/ ) and then I turned that sucker (pun definitely intended) on. I was intrigued/ disgusted by how much dirt and grime this thing picked up off our carpet. I cleaned it out THREE times. It has an awesome washable filter so when I was done I totally washed everything out like its sacred. My poor son has been playing on these nasty floors for two months, but no more! Say goodbye to dirty socks! Say goodbye to dirt under his toes! No dust bunnies here! I feel boss. I feel liberated. I feel a little crazy. All you free non domesticated people wouldn't understand this magical feeling. Maybe I should have a glass of wine now......

#swagmom signing out!

Did I really just use swag?

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