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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moms that Rock! Albany Rose

Haven't done this in awhile! I'm really trying to meet and get to know all different types of mommies. This wonderful mother inspires me because she genuinely follows her heart and is incredibly passionate. Her children Eden and RJ are sooo cute!
 Look at these adorable pictures!

And she's a gorgeous mommy!

 I hope anyone reading this enjoys her story with an open mind! :)  The work she does involves a controversial topic which is abortion. I hope sharing a bit of her personal story will help women going thru the same thing and if anything at least put one face to an isssue. Everyone who has experienced an abortion has a different testimony and this is just hers! So, disclosure over!

Q: Tell me a bit about your familia?

A: I met Royce when I was 18 and he was 17 at a bar I used to work at. It was a tough first year when we were together because his family is devout Catholic and I am not religious.8 months into our relationship I became pregnant with our first child, Eden. We grew up fast and bought out own house (when we had her we both turned 20) and have made life better than either of us thought possible. 4 months after our daughter we decided we wanted another child close to her age so she would have a playmate. A month ago we gave birth to our son, RJ. We're a very close nit family. God based, old fashion American family.

Close nit is right. She posted an adorable video of her fiance dancing with her daughter. So sweet!

Q:What is your favorite part about being a mother?

A:My favorite part of being a mother is realizing how much parents do for their kids. I never understood until we had our own. I also love the labor part of being a mother. I absolutely love giving birth.

Uhm yeah I love this answer. Labor is a crazy crazy thing! But that and giving birth is what made me finally feel connected to my womanhood. I know a bit cheesy...but seriously I felt so darn powerful after giving birth to James. And it was an amazing to realize all over the world women are giving birth in different ways. Gives me chills just thinking about it :)

Q: What do you struggle with as a mother?

A:My greatest struggle as a mother is realizing how much mothers judge each other. People don't like our parenting techniques and as the mother, I great a great amount of flack for how I raise the kids.

Can I get an amen? But have GOT to stop this. It's annoying. Anyone watch Moms night out on Nick@Night? They do these hilarious shorts called othermothered.   I'm going to link one.  Also check out sancitmommy on facebook. She makes me's satire making fun of moms who do exactly's SATIRE!/pages/Sanctimommy/523533471000365?fref=ts

Q: What are your passions?

A: My passions in life outside of being a mother is woking heavily in the Pro-Life movement. I devote my life to it. I also train horses which has always been a dear hobby of mine. I also teach dance in my free time, as I've always loved the freedom of it. Photography is also a close one, since I enjoy the thought of capturing the perfect in life.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your website?

A: My website is called or on facebook, I retrieved my own abortion records after all the years of dealing with anger and depression, I found great healing in seeing my son for the first time. I decided with the help of a friend to reach out to women who are in the same place I was and help them get their own records back. It is also a safe place to share personal testimonies as well as read other women's who have suffered the pain of abortion.

If you are interested in reclaiming your records I'm pretty sure states have different laws about how long they keep the records and some have them electronically recorded but you will have to contact Albany and the location that you had the abortion to get more information. Albany also has a youtube channel where she dicusses her activism work and has made a video sharing her testimony about the records she recovered. From the videos i've watched I think you will find she does not fit what most people would stero type as pro life activist.

Q: If you could teach your children one lesson what would that be?

A: If I could teach my children one thing, it would be to never, ever give up. To not ever let a person tell them they cannot accomplish their dreams because of imperfect circumstances.

I love this question. So many different answers :)

Q:What is your favorite thing to do during mommy down time?
A: During mommy down time, I love to work on my book of my life testimony, as well as make jewelry and design clothing.

Such a sweet mom. If you are a mom or know a mom who should be featured let me know! All mommies deserve the spotlight!

Love Lucy!
 gif my gifs lucille ball i love lucy Lucy Ricardo Photoset: Lucy Ricardo Quotes I do feel a part 2 coming up because omg so many good quotes

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Hump Day

No...not what you think. It's Wednesday which means we are half way till the end of the week. Today I am appreciating all that we have because as we all know (unless you live under a rock)disaster and tragedy  happens everyday and families lose possessions but more unfortunate is when they lose family. It breaks my heart to hear of any parent losing a child. So I always make sure to hug James a little tighter. I even endure his slobbery kisses because as much as I want to wash my face after, I really need to savor these moments. Being a mom in general is a lot of work, but I'm trying to loosen up and have more fun with James and enjoy our precious moments. One day I will have the house spotless....I promise!

James has been saying lots of sentences including "where it go?!" I have no clue what he is referring to but whatevs. Oh! and he is either saying "hold me" or "help me". not sure which one it is but he says it in a very very pitiful voice so of course I obey. Nah not all the time. We are trying to say no a little more to him because as he is our first, he has us wrapped around his finger. James is a mastermind what can I say. (insert evil laugh here)

Thinking of starting a vlog! What do ya'll think. It's okay if you have no idea what that means (ehem....DAD) It's a video blog! It would still be writing in this blog but making videos might actually be more of a frequent thing to go along with this. Send me topics, questions, pretty much anything you can think of you'd like to hear me ramble can also witness my terrible editing skills and it will be a grand ol time! You can comment below or comment on this when I post it on the book of face. Love all of you!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Thoughtful Friday!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week! We are so close to Sunday which is marvelous!

Now. Last night in the tub with James I sat and came up with a list of new things I've learned this week. This was all in between singing rubber ducky and every other sesame street song we know (James is getting very good t staying on pitch). So here we go!

1. If you haven't seen the viral video of the kid in class telling his teacher off please watch it. I've learned that he is so right! Often in school we were handed packets and given lots of busy work that made me not only frustrated but feel completely ignored by the teacher. Which is funny because I went to a school where over all the teachers really did teach! But there were of course those handle full of teachers who were guilty of this. And I admit I had a very hard time staying focused and would often just not turn homework in. But in the video he says something like "if you want your students to be excited about learning you need to be excited about teaching!" and he's right! I'm thinking about becoming a teacher and I hope I remember this very insightful speech he gave.

2. Okay that one was all have never known sacrifice until you have let your child vomit ALL over you at the dinner table. This happened last night. Spoilers!

Travis ate the rest of my dinner after I lost my appetite.

3. I hear sesame street playing in the other room while we are in the bath and I'm thinking "computer just randomly started playing it even though I paused Netflix awhile ago????" but actually it was Travis. Tehe! Yup. Caught him watching sesame street all by himself. What a NERD! Just one of those daily reminders that we are dorky parents.

4. James puts words in categories. For example, apple is used for every fruit...purple is for every color....shoe is pretty much for every price of clothing. He is learning more words everyday but if he can't remember what a word is he just sticks it into a category. Hey, whatever works! I believe in you James! Eventually I'm sure you will figure it all out!

5. When I need him to seriously calm down all I have to do is give him some paper and some crayons. MAGIC

6. Goes with number 5. I am now keeping pen and paper on me at ALL times.

7. This's never to early to bake a chocolate cake! Or eat the left over batter. No judgement! Plus I didn't use eggs so HA

8. Some people might see eating cake so early as weak or pathetic. I see it as WINNING. And I'm having a salad for again HA!

9. Twitter still confuses me.

10. I really didn't learn anything all that

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moms day, Elmo tude, and spreading the good news

So I've narrowed down what my perfect mothers day would be. Travis will be done with school so that's exciting. This translates to, he can take the baby while I sleep in and then take a shower....alone! I'd love a smoothie for breakfast. I'm craving it these days. No not a kale a banana,strawberry and chocolate smoothie. :) maybe we can go do something fun. I don't care what that is. (see I'm not too controlling) play with James at the park. And after dinner I would love dessert. That's about it really. We will be spending the day with my mama In law so if she wants to do something specific I'm happy to do it. :) I'm not trying to be a diva but......................

I get this day ONCE a year.

Anyway James is a crazy one and it's kinda icky outside. Currently he is babbling to his giant Elmo and giving him a stern talk by the sound of his voice. Has anyone noticed how Elmo is kind of a diva? Well he is! That furry monster has got some tude! I catch myself wanting to stick him in timeout.

In other news, I've totally hit a ten on the crazy meter. Yesterday I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and it was the Jehovah witnesses. I looked at Ringo and literally said out loud "failure Ringo." they looked confused but I know he got it. Helllllllo dog, these are the people you need to be barking at! Anywho, they seized their chance to talk. When I informed them that I indeed own a bible, they talked to see where we had common ground. I enjoyed our conversation. I'm not converting don't worry. I love my birthday. Can't help it! But it was nice to have some good healthy debating. And frankly, just people to talk to. I'm making friends ish at the park and our church. And when she said if she could com back I nodded.....oops. She probably thinks she has got me in the bag. That expression doesn't really look right typed out. Oh well! I've decided to read her pamphlet to a. Not be rude because I apparently said I would. And b. I am curious to find out about the things I don't agree with that is written in the pamphlet. That way when she comes back I can say "I looked it over. I just don't think this religion is for me" also I said if she knew any young moms send them my way for my mommy group I'm starting up!

There is always the option to hide in the back room and make them think we aren't home but one on one interaction is just too hard to resist. See?.....I told you I was a ten on the crazy scale.