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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Hump Day

No...not what you think. It's Wednesday which means we are half way till the end of the week. Today I am appreciating all that we have because as we all know (unless you live under a rock)disaster and tragedy  happens everyday and families lose possessions but more unfortunate is when they lose family. It breaks my heart to hear of any parent losing a child. So I always make sure to hug James a little tighter. I even endure his slobbery kisses because as much as I want to wash my face after, I really need to savor these moments. Being a mom in general is a lot of work, but I'm trying to loosen up and have more fun with James and enjoy our precious moments. One day I will have the house spotless....I promise!

James has been saying lots of sentences including "where it go?!" I have no clue what he is referring to but whatevs. Oh! and he is either saying "hold me" or "help me". not sure which one it is but he says it in a very very pitiful voice so of course I obey. Nah not all the time. We are trying to say no a little more to him because as he is our first, he has us wrapped around his finger. James is a mastermind what can I say. (insert evil laugh here)

Thinking of starting a vlog! What do ya'll think. It's okay if you have no idea what that means (ehem....DAD) It's a video blog! It would still be writing in this blog but making videos might actually be more of a frequent thing to go along with this. Send me topics, questions, pretty much anything you can think of you'd like to hear me ramble can also witness my terrible editing skills and it will be a grand ol time! You can comment below or comment on this when I post it on the book of face. Love all of you!


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