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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moms day, Elmo tude, and spreading the good news

So I've narrowed down what my perfect mothers day would be. Travis will be done with school so that's exciting. This translates to, he can take the baby while I sleep in and then take a shower....alone! I'd love a smoothie for breakfast. I'm craving it these days. No not a kale a banana,strawberry and chocolate smoothie. :) maybe we can go do something fun. I don't care what that is. (see I'm not too controlling) play with James at the park. And after dinner I would love dessert. That's about it really. We will be spending the day with my mama In law so if she wants to do something specific I'm happy to do it. :) I'm not trying to be a diva but......................

I get this day ONCE a year.

Anyway James is a crazy one and it's kinda icky outside. Currently he is babbling to his giant Elmo and giving him a stern talk by the sound of his voice. Has anyone noticed how Elmo is kind of a diva? Well he is! That furry monster has got some tude! I catch myself wanting to stick him in timeout.

In other news, I've totally hit a ten on the crazy meter. Yesterday I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and it was the Jehovah witnesses. I looked at Ringo and literally said out loud "failure Ringo." they looked confused but I know he got it. Helllllllo dog, these are the people you need to be barking at! Anywho, they seized their chance to talk. When I informed them that I indeed own a bible, they talked to see where we had common ground. I enjoyed our conversation. I'm not converting don't worry. I love my birthday. Can't help it! But it was nice to have some good healthy debating. And frankly, just people to talk to. I'm making friends ish at the park and our church. And when she said if she could com back I nodded.....oops. She probably thinks she has got me in the bag. That expression doesn't really look right typed out. Oh well! I've decided to read her pamphlet to a. Not be rude because I apparently said I would. And b. I am curious to find out about the things I don't agree with that is written in the pamphlet. That way when she comes back I can say "I looked it over. I just don't think this religion is for me" also I said if she knew any young moms send them my way for my mommy group I'm starting up!

There is always the option to hide in the back room and make them think we aren't home but one on one interaction is just too hard to resist. See?.....I told you I was a ten on the crazy scale.

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