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Friday, May 10, 2013

Thoughtful Friday!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week! We are so close to Sunday which is marvelous!

Now. Last night in the tub with James I sat and came up with a list of new things I've learned this week. This was all in between singing rubber ducky and every other sesame street song we know (James is getting very good t staying on pitch). So here we go!

1. If you haven't seen the viral video of the kid in class telling his teacher off please watch it. I've learned that he is so right! Often in school we were handed packets and given lots of busy work that made me not only frustrated but feel completely ignored by the teacher. Which is funny because I went to a school where over all the teachers really did teach! But there were of course those handle full of teachers who were guilty of this. And I admit I had a very hard time staying focused and would often just not turn homework in. But in the video he says something like "if you want your students to be excited about learning you need to be excited about teaching!" and he's right! I'm thinking about becoming a teacher and I hope I remember this very insightful speech he gave.

2. Okay that one was all have never known sacrifice until you have let your child vomit ALL over you at the dinner table. This happened last night. Spoilers!

Travis ate the rest of my dinner after I lost my appetite.

3. I hear sesame street playing in the other room while we are in the bath and I'm thinking "computer just randomly started playing it even though I paused Netflix awhile ago????" but actually it was Travis. Tehe! Yup. Caught him watching sesame street all by himself. What a NERD! Just one of those daily reminders that we are dorky parents.

4. James puts words in categories. For example, apple is used for every fruit...purple is for every color....shoe is pretty much for every price of clothing. He is learning more words everyday but if he can't remember what a word is he just sticks it into a category. Hey, whatever works! I believe in you James! Eventually I'm sure you will figure it all out!

5. When I need him to seriously calm down all I have to do is give him some paper and some crayons. MAGIC

6. Goes with number 5. I am now keeping pen and paper on me at ALL times.

7. This's never to early to bake a chocolate cake! Or eat the left over batter. No judgement! Plus I didn't use eggs so HA

8. Some people might see eating cake so early as weak or pathetic. I see it as WINNING. And I'm having a salad for again HA!

9. Twitter still confuses me.

10. I really didn't learn anything all that

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  1. Alex watched "Cars" before bed everyday for a couple weeks, even though he goes to bed way after Jude.
    hmm coloring I need to try that before i give up Jude for adoption. He's driving me crazy, I can't do anything by myself, (i.e. without holding him and carrying him to wherever he wants to go with his hand in my shirt). Chocolate cake sounds great come bake some here. Twitter is stupid as far as I can tell.