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Friday, June 21, 2013

Uhm...give me a minute

Occasionally Travis and I share thoughts about what it was like when I told him I was pregnant. I, naturally was terrified. But I was and i'm still impressed to this day how he handled himself. Every person reacts differently of course and I guess a lot of it depends on the situation. We're you trying for a baby? We're you not? Well we weren't expecting James so imagine he was freaked. 

Travis has always been a wise old soul trapped in a young body and it's something that I've always admired. He went outside for minute to collect his thoughts and came back in and held me while I sobbed. I had always wondered about that minute. Because I know in that minute my mind was racing. I think this minute defines a part of our relationship. I over think things which comes in handy every once in awhile. And Travis, for the most part, keeps his thoughts collected. 

As I said before we like to talk about these crazy times we've been through. He said to me, "give me a minute, i'll be back" but what he really meant was "give me a minute while I prepare my thoughts for the rest of my life...and I'll be right back". He just knew that a baby and myself were going to be in the rest of his life. That might sound crazy and terrifying to someone reading this. Frankly, it is. But it also just shows his awesome character. 

I realize not everyone gets this. Some mommies are pulling double. Some daddies are pulling double. Some mommies and daddies wouldn't want to parent with another person. I love diverse familias. They are inspiring. 

Back to my point though. I hope that if a  new daddy or even a new mommy is out there reading this that they take a minute to prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. Because as all parents know, a minute of thoughts is the closest you will be to "prepared".  

This random blog post was brought to you by Friday.

You are welcome internets

P.s. I plan on enjoying the whole 24 hours without James tomorrow. Nah I'll probably cry in the car and text his nana a million times. But at least Travis and I can boogie down on the dance floor and celebrate our friend Katy and Josh at their wedding! Yes you read that right. I used "boogie". My mom is the mother funker on a radio show that plays funk. so I think I can use that word. 

Have a great weekend!

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