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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dancing ish In September

Disclaimer. Some parts of this posts may be considered TMI, but I need to vent so I don't really care. You've been warned. :)

Ah September. We meet again. I remember being so anxious in 2011 and being really, pregnant. Good times.

So far the start of this month has been crazy.

 About two days ago I decided it was time to wean my 22 month old off of the boob. I went cold turkey which they say you aren't supposed to do but I decided it would be easier on him. Especially with the method I used. I rubbed lemon juice all over my breasts and when James wanted to nurse he tasted sour milk. I just explained to him that he was too old and that my milk must have gone bad.

He was absolutely fine. No fuss. No tears. Nothing. What a freaking miracle.

I was relieved but also disappointed. I was dreading this because of how demanding he was with nursing. It was his comfort blanket. I feel nipped out of a good tantrum. Yes, I made a pun. :)

So he's been fine and whenever he wanted to nurse he remembered it "went bad" and distracted himself. Awesome.

But they say not to go cold turkey for a reason.


Cold cabbage leaves in my bra, ice packs, occasional expressing of milk (you don't want to let out too much or you keep making milk) and lots of bitter sage tea. It's been three days. Y U NO DRY YET?!

Getting impatient and did I mention OW!

Let's not forget the random outbursts of the weepies. Darn you hormones. Do I regret nursing? No. really glad I did that. Do I regret going cold turkey. yes and no. but mainly no because James had his first dentist appointment today. He has some teeth problems as a result of night nursing....Do I regret night nursing. Um yes. absolutely. Don't do it. Or wipe off their baby teeth after each session at night. I know, who the heck has time for that at three in the morning? but just please do it. You can avoid 3,000 dollars worth of dental work.

I have a feeling I'm not making much sense but I'm blaming it on the fact that I am DRAINED emotionally and physically right now. I can't wait for the light at the end of the tunnel!

My husband and I are having a whole weekend to ourselves so I guess that's the end of the tunnel. And I plan on eating and drinking all sorts of things I refrained from for the past 2 and a half years.

3. Maybe an adult beverage on our date. And before ya'll freak out, Texas has a law that if you are married to someone over the age of 21 you can drink if they are with HA!
4. CAFFINE IN GENERAL LIKE SWEET TEA. oh how I've missed you.
5. Lots of gluten and cheese and dairy and yum.


I suppose I'll check in when things start to feel better and my boobs don't feel like rocks. 

If you are freaked out by my post about breasts chill the heck out and dance. Link provided. Enjoy...

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